On Selling Assets: The Vultures Are Anxious To Feast On Nigeria’s Carcass


Vultures are birds of doom. They barely wait for you to be dead before they start ripping you apart. With their long necks and scrawny attires, they wish death on you and quite often bring it on.


When a veritable source told me at the beginning of the “Change” transfer, that Nigeria’s top cabal had loaded some Ghana-must-gos and taken them in the middle of the night to the Senate president’s house, I did not understand what he was buying. Now it is all clear. He was buying Nigeria. This vulture has bought all political parties and every top official he can reach; from those in charge of the nation’s purse to the Senate president, so Nigeria can be strangled and he can feast on its dying carcass.

May the memory of late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua be blessed. May his memory inspire. When former president Olusegun Obasanjo sold Nigeria, including the refineries to the cabal and according to wikileaks, Aliko Dangote dashed him a $35 million private jet as part of his payment, apart from the assurance of his continuous rewards in investment, Yar’Adua kicked in and begun the process of disentangling Obasanjo and Dangote.

Dangote And former president Obasanjo; partners in looting Nigeria
Dangote And former president Obasanjo; partners in looting Nigeria

To the pleasure of the Bureau of Private Enterprise, BPE, late Yar’Adua overturned the sales of the refineries to Dangote and co. (Forgive me for calling it a sale, because it was more like a gift at the prices Dangote is literally gifted Nigeria’s assets)

Late Yar’Adua did not last much longer thereafter. As he went ahead to disentangle more, with his eyes on overturning the gift of NICON to Elumelu’s Transcorp, he suspected that Obasanjo’s kitchen staff who he had retained, had poisoned him. At this time, according to current presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu as quoted in US Cables, Atiku had warned Yar’Adua that Obasanjo was planning to remove him by any means. Yar’Adua changed the kitchen staff in fear they had poisoned him, and died shortly thereafter as his sickness took a sudden downturn.

Vanguard's "caption this photo"
Vanguard’s “caption this photo”

Today Saraki and Dangote team up as vultures to shamelessly push for the auctioning of Nigeria’s remaining few assets to the cabal. Saraki obviously doing what he is well compensated for. Are we surprised the notorious usual suspect Godwin Emefiele also shamelessly chipped in to support Dangote’s suggestion that we sell our assets? Dangote after all is called the investor of the cabal, holding their funds (our funds in actuality) and ensuring ‘their’ money yields delicious dividends in ‘businesses’ maintained by government-enforced oligopolies and tax-like impelled exploitations of the masses.

If you dare manufacture what he does, the government will shut you down. If you try to import it, the government will delay your ship till the goods expire. If you wish to compete, the government will stop all masses from accessing forex and sell all subsidized forex to Dangote at the CBN rate thereby effectively shutting you down and wrecking you.

Dangote, a key financier of former corrupt president Jonathan

It’s no surprise that while the average Nigerian sees it harder and harder to do business in Nigeria, Dangote laughs to the bank every day declaring humongous quarterly profits, and is a top 20 billionaire in the world. But greed has not satiation. It is never enough. The cabal look at Nigeria and wish it dead and like the vultures, have no shame in wishing they can rip off the meat from the dying carcass. No, they will not give Nigeria out of the billions of dollars they have literally stolen from the nation over the years if indeed they think a few billion dollars is the solution. Rather these scavengers wish to steal more during days of the nation’s desperation that was brought about by their very darned selves.


We might as well sell the rest assets to Dangote, aka “beggar-thy-countrymen,” as he is globally known. What’s left after all? Buhari has continued the trend of feeding Dangote from our putrefying flesh with the hundreds of millions of dollars he has gifted Dangote in forex as Reuters reported, while we as a nation were denied any for our hundred-million employing small businesses and even the little we needed for our fuel for transportation. We are showering in thyme and curry. Come and eat us.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian