US Senator Bernie Sanders Exposes Illuminati, Corruption, at Senate Session [Video]

August 8th, 2012

NewsRescue- For the first time in notable history, a United States Senator committed what can be seen as political and possible, actual suicide by publicly speaking about the unspoken of ‘Illuminati’, and their extortion of the masses, at a public US congress session on 6 August 2012.

In an extensive and thorough speech, Senator Sanders from Vermont complained bitterly about the US giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest in the US.

He expressed his abhorrence of the fact that Wall Street, responsible for the recent recession were yet given tax breaks, rather than punished.

Complaining that the nations Billionaires were greedy and on war path with no end.

“Mr President, in 2007 1% of income earners made 23.5% of all income, more than entire bottom 50%”, he said.

Here is a break down -transcript of his speech, the video is at the bottom:

This income percent nearly tripled since 1970s, from 1% earning 8% f all income in mid 70’s, in 80’s the figure jumped to about 15%, and now it is 23.5%!

Today the top 1/10th of 1 percent earns about 12 cents of every dollar.

The top is doing extremely well as middle class is collapsing.

Between 1980 and 2005, 80% of all new income created in this country went to the top 1%. This is why everyone is asking in America, what is going on in my life, why am I working long hours and worried about my kids welfare.

Today the crooks in Wall street, whose illegal reckless actions resulted in millions of Americans loosing their homes, jobs, everything, after we bailed them out, they now earn more than they earned before the recession.

Mr President, today America has the most unequal divide in income and wealth disparity in any major country, like the banana republics we used to read of growing up.

Talking about the issue of the Bush tax cuts of 2001, he said phony people complain and feign concern about our trillion dollar debts, yet the highest priority of republican colleagues is 700 billion dollars in tax breaks to the top 2 %. More concerned that millionaires earning a million dollars or more a year get additional $100,000 in tax cuts is the highest priority of republican colleagues. And not only income tax rates, but estate tax as well. If eliminated as some ‘friends’ want, it will all go to only the top 3/10th of  percent. Costing us a trillion dollars revenue in 10 years going to this top 0.33%.

Further saying people – wealthy- wish to eliminate all social legislation, security gains in recent years achieved by working families, to where we were in the 1920’s. These people want to privatize social security.

Corporate leaders, members of congress who wish to expand our disastrous trade policies, out sourcing of virtually all products due to deficient trade policies to China.

He complained that the record national debt, caused by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, caused by tax breaks for the wealthy, caused by unpaid for medicare part B program, caused by Wall street bailout, then the budget is balanced by cutting back on welfare, food stamps,

President, your friends on Wall street, the CEO’s want us to cut back on things on the financial bill. They want to rescind some of the reforms, powers of EPA and energy department, so Exxon remains on top, most profitable company in history, making 19 billion in profit last year, paying zero in taxes they get 150 million dollar refunds. But that’s not good enough, they want to give them more in tax breaks.

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Mr president, there is a war going on.

He said the war is between the middle class against some of the wealthiest and most powerful forces in the world, whose greed knows no end, and that if president does not represent the middle class soon, they will soon cease to exist.

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