Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso: The Condolence Visit, Lessons And The People of Kano

Rabiu Kwankwaso


By Adnan Mukhtar Adam TudunWada

Senator Mohammed Rabiu Musa popularly known as Kwankwaso is the immediate past governor of Kano, he was a former deputy speaker in the Federal house of representatives, a former special adviser in the government of Chief Olusegun Aremu Matthew Okikiola Obasanjo. He also served the country as a defence minister from 2003-2007, he was one of the best governors from the north with tremendous achievements in record, his love and how he is loved by the people of Kano can never be over emphasized. He is one of the few governors in record that anointed his deputy as his successor.

Friday 4th March 2016 was a sad day to the governor of Kano state Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, it was on this day he lost his mother after a brief illness. The death of the governor’s mother was broke by his elder brother Samaila Umar Ganduje who holds the traditional title of Madakin Ganduje, she died at the age of 95.

The funeral prayer of the deceased took place in the afternoon so as to give chance for some dignitaries to attend, a lot of people have been setting eyes to see the strong man of Kano politics but unfortunately he could not make it due to some hidden reasons, but to my observation when he paid a condolence t visit today, I realized one of the reasons makes him not to make it.

He is loved by the people of Kano, this love is unimaginable, is amazing and astonishing. You can also call it a natural love if you like. His condolence visit today has testified to us that he is in control of the politics of Kano and anybody that is doubting it should try him, bet me that his political influence has come to an end.

Millions of people stormed the airport to give him a surprise welcoming, his visit was not officially announced so as to avoid the high number of crowd that will lead to traffic jams in the city of Kano and that is what happened, Baban Gwari round about to Kurna, rijiyar lemo to bachirawa to dawanau and the village of Ganduje have witnessed a mammoth crowd that cannot be controlled, a long traffic jam was the order of the day, people came out from their houses especially the married women chanting Kwankwaso, Baba, Allah ya baka shugaban kasa, ka canza mana Wannan gwamnan(change us the present governor) he cannot do it, some are weeping tears. Wallahi in my presence a woman was crying that Kwankwaso will not leave, he should stay in Kano.

The same thing happened at Ganduje village when he arrived for the condolence, the inhabitants of the small village were chanting Kwankwaso, Dan Musa Ikon Allah, they come out in mass to welcome the architect and founder of modern Kano state, Chai! there is blessing in the life of this politician, today the enemies of Kano state will have a sleepless night.

One thing that I realized can stop Kwankwaso from attending the funeral prayer of the governor’s mother was his fear that it will turned to a ceremonial occasion instead of mourning and praying for the deceased, instead of people to pray for her at that very time, they may end up chanting Kwankwaso Kwankwaso in the cemetery or praying ground, his absence I am sure was of good intention, today the 3rd day of her mourning does not stopped that, if that is the case why are some trouble makers complaining? he was welcomed in cheers, there was a long convoy by people who volunteered their cars for the sake of love.

The condolence visit was successful as he prayed for the repose of her soul, the governor also thanked him for the religious kind gesture, on the condolence visit the governor has to learn some lessons as follow:

Kwankwaso is loved by the people of Kano, I mean the masses that usually  cast their votes during elections, therefore he is a politican and a godfather to reckon with.

As a development advocate, stakeholder, godfather and considering his tremendous achievements on different areas, he need to be consulted for advice on how to move Kano state forward

The present governor should avoid been misled by the enemies of Kano, these are people that can’t help him at the poll and have no massive followers like your former principal, The Super senator has no mate today in the politics of Kano and the North.

Today, you have seen it for yourself. The wrath of this man on you is calling a political tsunami for yourself. He has campaigned and stand for you therefore you should not go against him for selfish interest, you are owing him political reward not he owing you, The Super senator has no mate in the politics of Kano, I repeat this!

At last, we have seen it for ourselves that Kano still stands firmly for Kwankwaso, I advice the present governor to settle his griviencies with the former governor, those sycophants that are misleading you are losers and have no followers at hand, some of them are in your government to become billionaires, the interest of Kano state is never in their mind.

The support Kwankwaso is gaining from the good people of Kano state is because of nothing else other than his developmental achievements, other governors should emulate him on that.

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By Adnan Mukhtar Adam TudunWada