Seriously #WhereIsZakzaky, #missing705?


It is heading to the third month mark since the Zaria massacre. The world still has no clue the whereabouts of Islamic movement leader Sheikh El-Zakzaky. The Nigerian government has also not yet commented on the whereabouts of a list of 705 missing citizens and whether they are dead or alive.

Even if you regard Shia as animals, you should be concerned the whereabouts of them. We clamored when 234 girls went missing in Chibok. No one cared whether they were Muslims, Christians or Jews. No one asked their attitude before they were kidnapped. As human beings we must be concerned as 705 Nigerians have been missing since December 12th 2015. Some are breadwinners; some are students; some are husbands and some are wives.

When Goodluck Jonathan killed 33 of them and the first three of Zakzaky’s sons, we all used the “animals” for political gains–as ammunition to condemn Jonathan. So even if we are not afraid of what these millions of “animals” will do in the soon-coming political dispensations, at least let us remember how we used the “animals” to get Buhari and El-Rufai elected.

El-Rufai during condolence visit to El-Zakzaky last July
El-Rufai during condolence visit to El-Zakzaky last July

Mass graves wee found in Zaria but the police has abdicated its duties and is not investigating. The army that declared itself as the defender of Nigeria’s democracy is also not investigating into the kidnapped Sheikh Zakzaky and the #missing705. No one is. A panel is for probe only and not for investigation. A full investigation should be on the way to reconnect the missing with their families.

Nigeria’s Attorney General has also been derelict of his sworn duties. By now he should have ordered an investigation into the missing citizens and also ordered for immediate legal access to Sheikh Zakzaky who is kidnapped by nature of his being held and denied bail and legal and family access.

Zakzaky and Buhari
Zakzaky and Buhari

Nigeria’s leadership should be aware that regardless of the mob support they have, they will face justice for these crimes against humanity sooner or later, on earth or the after life. They are not religious leaders and took no religious oaths. No matter what faith you are, when you swear to someone or a nation your God-commanded duty is to fulfill your obligations under the oath you took; and if you cannot then you need to resign and serve your God  the way you choose.

I am disappointed in my country. I am disappointed in the new government. I have repeated severally that institutional disadvantagement, oppression, corruption and injustice is the reason God cursed us with Boko Haram and made us the most disgraced nation on earth. If we continue this we will remain cursed. They say, no justice, no peace.

God bless Nigeria.

We thank the Islamic Movement of Nigeria members and the nation’s millions of Shia Muslims for their unprecedented and exemplary show of patience.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian