Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Warns Gov. El-Rufai, Buhari On ‘Izala Wahhabi Terror,’ Shia Pogrom, Says Tijaniyya, Christians Next [AUDIO]


Revered north Nigerian Sheikh and Islamic scholar and leader of Tijaniyya, the largest Islamic group in West Africa has issued a strong warning to Kaduna state governor Nasir el-Rufai, Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians and the world at large on “Izala extremism” crisis in the north and the persecution of Shi’a Muslims.

Takfiri terrorist youth transported by Kaduna police
Takfiri terrorist youth transported by Kaduna police

About 20% of Nigerian Muslims identify with the Tijaniyya sufi order which spans West and North Africa. The Izala Society, formally Jama’at Izalat al Bid’a Wa Iqamat as Sunna (Society of Removal of Innovation and Re-establishment of the Sunna), also called JIBWIS is a controversial north Nigeria sect created to labe and attacking other Muslims that it regards as “deviant,” including Tijaniyya and Qadiriyya sufi orders and the Shi’a.

In the 20 minute interview clip, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi raised an alarm to the world on the brewing religious crisis centered in Kaduna state.

Asked if it’s true that Darika (his Tijaniyya) and Izala are coming together to fight Shi’a. He denied it flat out and said it’s a lie by whoever that invented it. Further stating that there was never a time they agreed on that and that the Tijaniyya have never had problems with Shi’a but only had issues with the Izalas.

He said Tijaniyya has no problem with Shi’a, that the Shia have never attacked them and that the two groups have lived in peace all the years. He said the Izalas have been calling them, the Darikas, Kuffars (disbelievers) too as they also call Shi’a. That they, the Darikas are concerned about the spiritual leader of the Izala sect.

El-Rufai during condolence visit to El-Zakzaky in July of 2014
El-Rufai during condolence visit to El-Zakzaky in July of 2014

The Sheikh said that the attack on Shi’a had an ulterior agenda. That not only shiites are the the target, but any group found deviating from such monstrous extremist teaching of Salafi is in danger because when they got supported and finished off with Shi’a, they will then redirect their blind weapon towards Darika and Christians.

Blaming Kaduna state governor Nasir el-Rufai for precipitating the ongoing attacks against Shi’a Muslims, the Sheikh said the attacks on Shi’a by Wahhabi thugs is a dangerous precedent in Nigeria. He warned the government especially Kaduna governor el-Rufai to stand up to his duties and stop the Izala extremist youths from burning Shi’a houses.

Implicated Kaduna governor Nasir el-Rufai and Amy chief Tukur Buratai
Implicated Kaduna governor Nasir el-Rufai and Amy chief Tukur Buratai

In the passionate speech, the path leader who escaped a Boko Haram bomb attack in 2014, also equated the Salafis and the Izala sect with Boko Haram, ISIS and other Takfiri groups all over the world, saying they are the creation of Saudi Arabia and that all over the world where there was Muslim crisis the kingdom was behind it.

He said some Wahhabi elements who went after the Shi’a to kill them and raid and burn their homes, were heard saying that after finishing with Shi’a Muslims they would turn on Christians and then “Darika” (Tijaniyya path) followers. He warned that the Federal government should watch out and prevent Izala youths or what will come will be the worst!

Sheikh Bauchi accused the Buhari government of romancing with radical Wahhabis and their Saudi masters, warning that it is bad omen for the government and Nigeria. He specifically singled out Bala Lau whom he dismissed as a trafficker of women to the Saudis as the architect of the Shia pogrom.

Bala Lau
Bala Lau

The Sheikh said is wrong for governor el-Rufai to end the peace and attempt to limit religious freedoms, that the government cannot prevent the Shi’a from practicing their religion. El-Rufai cannot ban any body. He has only two years and seven months left. Let’s see who he will ban after that.

Sheikh Dahiru also warned of attacking His Darika (Tijaniyya), that its better to touch electricity than dare attack them. He said governor el-Rufai is taking the law into his hands by encouraging Izala youths.

The Sheikh called on the world and Nigerian federal government, emphasizing that Boko Haram and Izala are one and the same with the same ideology. He said that the only difference is Boko Haram isn’t afraid while the Izalas are are afraid and love money.

Buhari with radical Izala clerick Bala Lau
Buhari with radical Izala cleric Bala Lau

He further said that Mohammed Yusuf, the Boko Haram leader was a progeny of Sheikh Jafar and Jafar was late Sheikh Abubakar Gumi’s disciple before they had a misunderstanding about western education and politics. He accused Sheikh Abubakar Gumi I of importing Wahhabi takfiri ideology into Nigeria from the Saudi monarchy. He continued that because of that, the non Muslim encouraged Boko Haram for political gains and Mohammed Yusuf was backed by non Muslims with dollars and SUVs.

Speaking about the conduct of Nigeria’s police and military, the Sheikh said that the police and soldiers are the two vital institutions to ensure public safety but unfortunately in Nigeria some of them were noted as using the Boko Haram phenomenon as mechanism to make money. he said all over soldiers and police violate their duties.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian