Shey Na Saraki Alone Dem Go Hold? What About The Other Senators?


Now before you get excited and accuse me of soliciting for corrupt Saraki, let me clearly state that I am extremely happy he is facing justice for his alleged crimes. In fact if it were up to me I would like him to be taken quickly to a Capital punishment Islamic or Torah-based court and have his writing hand chopped off after he signs the refund of Kwara and Nigeria’s embezzled loot (paupers’ bread).

That said, the question on some of our minds as the CCT aggressively pursues Senate President Bukola Saraki is, what about the other Senators? As late Sage Fela Kuti sang about the ‘selective’ indictment of former President Shagari in his Confusion-Break-Bone (CBB), mid-80s hit track, “shey na Shagari alone dem go hold, what about the other Presidents?” Further stating that Shagari said he met an empty treasury…so someone must have looted it before him.

Tireless human right advocate, SAN Attorney Femi Falana has resignedly stated that the current corruption cases without the institution of new anti-corruption courts and systems will not draw to a conclusion till 2019 and beyond. At that rate, if we wait till the EFCC, DSS and CCT finishes with Saraki before the organs of the government go after the tons of other corrupt and criminal Senators and House members, are we serious at all with our anti-corruption war and mission to sanitize Nigeria or just actually witch-hunting select political foes?

From reliable sources, dozens of the serving Senators similarly made numerous false declarations in their asset declarations with the CCT. Why the delay in pursuing them as Saraki?

PremiumTimes recently listed David Mark according to Court papers held six million pounds in four foreign accounts – three at the Northern Bank, Isle of Man, and one at the Allied Irish Bank, Jersey. He is again indicted in the Panama papers. When will his case begin?

The same report also indicted House of Reps member, Iorwase Hembe and Ifeanyi Azubuogu, accused by the former Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, Arunma Oteh, of demanding N39 million in bribes.

Femi Gbajabiamila, Theodore Orji,Danjuma Goje, Andy Uba, Goodhope Uzodinma, Adamu Aliero, AbdulAzeez Murtala Nyako, Stella Oduah, Sam Egwu, Buruji Kashamu, Joshua Dariye, Abdullahi Adamu and Christian Adah are all listed with various indictments. When will their snail-pace cases begin? Is it safe for the nation in severe hardship and politician-greed-derived recession to continue to remain in the hands and care of indicted and incriminated legislators for a single extra minute?

What about Ali Ndume, Minority leader who was indicted for relaying Boko Haram threats in association with former Vice President Namadina Sambo and investigated with “state craft?”

And while we are on it, while Dasuki has been on trial for months, what about the many other implicated military officers and former ministers of defence?

We have been waiting long enough. We don’t need fancy dressing. We are too trashed, too broke and too smart for such. As we die of poverty, we need a real and thorough cooking to rescue our country. Nigeria has many brilliant minds and brilliant attorneys. We can multitask and expedite the full investigation, charging and prosecution of all our corrupt politicians and military officers. It is time to get it on.

Dr Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian