The Shoeless Is Making Us Homeless, By Sabiu Zaranda

One of the serious issue which may not likely let Nigeria to progress and reach it potential as a developed nation is the issue of vengeance. Almost every region or tribe in Nigeria see its doom days as a result of marginalisation by those at the helm of the nation’s affairs that come from other region or tribe as the case may be. As if we are not capable of doing anything wrong to harmed ourselves. One of our perfections is in blaming others on our failures to see beyond tribe or region.

dancing joMeanwhile almost all the accusation made by the affected regions or tribes happen during military dictatorship where no region or tribe has the monopoly of power and by extension it’s only those that participate in the coup have their way which cut across tribe and region. But the story have change after the return of democracy in 1999 more especially with the once shoeless boy in the saddle. There are some accusation made by high profile citizen which can’t be ignored under genuine democracy where fairness,transparency and justice are implored.

I remember the words I read which were credited to Senator Joseph Kennedy Waku, during his interactive session with leadership of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and some northern emirs, where he accused the then president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for harbouring anti northern Nigeria agenda. He noted that Baba Obasanjo has promised him to make life difficult for northerns in such a way that many of them will join their northern counterparts begging in streets. This can easily translate the economic harsh condition experienced in the north due to bank recapitalization during Obasanjo’s era under Prof Charles Soludo which result in a lot banks, micro finances and small scale industries of northern origin being effected. Some institutions were merged, others were closed permanently and the numbers of job lost can not be over numbered. One may say that was purely professional issue, but is it not the same banks that Nigeria had to save with billions of Naira through the same recapitalization under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s era?

Similar accusation was made on Dr Goodluck Jonathan by Alhaji Tanko Yakassai during the trial period of late President Umaru Musa Yar’dua saying that, if northerns mistakenly support the emergence Mr Jonathan to be acting president then the end of northern Nigeria has come. He backed up his anti Jonathan campaign by citing example with the incidence that happen in Cameroon between Paul Biya and Ahmadou Ahidjo while supporting the control of power by cabal with the issue of US president Mr. Edith Wilson who has been sick for over 9 month with his wife serving as intermediary between the president and his ministers. The wishes of Yakasai of stopping Mr Jonathan doesn’t see the light through instead serious effort was made by Yar’adua’s tribal men like Senator Bala Muhammad, Hon Farouk Adamu and many other patriotic pressure group to see that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is empowered as acting President. What Mr Jonathan did was returning good with evil because he never show any form of patriotism to encourage the pressure groups nor does he ensured to deliver special package for north to uphold the calibre of northerns that support him.

Not long ago, Australian negotiator Dr Stephen Davis said the former Chief of Army Staff, General Azubuike Ihejirika rtd and former Borno State Governor Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff are among Boko Haram sponsors but certain tribe and people stood in their defence. As if this is the first time such thing is happening in Nigeria? During the amnesty programme of President Yar’dua to Niger-Delta militant the then chief of defence staff was reported of having hand in arming MEND alongside some top politicians in that region, which resulted in relieving Late Andrew Azazi from his work and setting a committee to investigate the allegation but nothing of such nature occurred under this administration with all the revelation made from different angels.

As it is now, the once shoeless boy that got Nigerians mandate based on sympathy not competency has bent to make us homeless for the crime we never knew, the person that once crossed river to go to school has not only make us to crosses our state and geopolitical boundaries to attend school but rather cross our country’s border ( to those that can afford the bills to get education and decent health care) in neighbourhood. With thousands of internal displaced persons across the country and many at refugees camp without basic amenities, some groups are still calling for the re-election of the once shoeless boy, if I may ask what do you want him to do now? He did what he did because he need re-election, what do you expect him to do if he doesn’t want our support again? Rob the little hope that remain in us? Let’s think twice.

Written by Sabiu Zaranda

@binzaranda on twitter.