Sidi Yahya Mosque, other Shrines Under Attack in Mali: NATO ‘Liberated’ Libya Fallout Saga

July 2nd, 2012
NewsRescue- Islamists have been defacing heritage sites in Mali since they moved back to Mali en mass from the ‘NATO liberated Libya’.

Zbigniew Bin LadenNewsRescue- The NATO “liberated” Libya Terror “tidal wave” over North Africa

NATO Libyan “liberation” unleashes terror “tidal wave” over North Africa. by Tony Cartalucci April 5, 2012 – Western nations, including the United States, England, and France – the neo-imperial trifecta – have decried a recent military coup in the North African nation of Mali based on the grounds of violating “democratic principles.” Each nation has now proceeded to impose crippling sanctions on Mali until “civilian rule” is restored. Targeting and purposefully weakening Mali regardless of how the new government came into power exposes once again the insincerity, indeed, the fraud of the global “War on Terror.”   Read more