Speaker, Senate President: Forget It If You Are Corruption Tainted, Boko Haram Linked, Buhari Barks As Caucuses Connive


President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari has stood firm: forget about being the senate president if you have any open cases with the Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC and if you have been linked to Boko Haram.

This has cut out some north central and north eastern contenders.

As the APC hit a deadlock, conspiracies have started with Senator Ahmad Lawan, featured, Chairman Senate Committee on Public Accounts, who hails from Yobe State, a north eastern enthusiast allegedly trying to conspire with the PDP (48 seats) to impress a north eastern candidate against Buhari’s will.

The north eastern block has as many as 18 senators. Punch carries more on that scoop.

So Nigeria is at the mercy once again of very hopeless and greedy senators who will jeopardize the recent gains for personal ambitions,.

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We just alerted on the struggle by outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan against these same senators who are fighting for unlimited immunity, life-pensions and executive powers to re-write the constitution without assent of president Buhari.

Here again, in the fight for the speaker and senate president, these senators are pushing ethnic agenda ahead of Nigeria’s desperate needs for change. One will think they voted for themselves and that it was not the Nigerian masses that gave them the opportunity  not to serve themselves but to serve the nation.

In NewsRescue‘s opinion, many of these senators belong in tight jail cells.