SPECIAL REPORT: Kano State Newly Constructed Underpass Under Threat

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

The newly Constructed underpass in kano State, Constructed during the tenure of  former governor of kano State Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and presently senator of the federal republic are presently requiring prompt attention which emanates from the structural deformities that are presently witness, and this happened in less than 2 months of its completion.


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Even though the Kabuga underpass is still being put finishing touches as of today, the observations made were base on the foundation of the structure which is more important than the various type of light bulbs used to lighten the night. At night it look more like an area in London or Dubai and it honestly look beautiful and attractive. On daily basis at night it will be very hard not to find some visitors snapping pictures in the night at the underpass.

This beautiful situation may turn to nightmare in some few years to come because the underpass is now having some potholes and water leaking from the structural wall. This is very scary considering the fact that the damage has to do with the structural pillars around the underpass which all the structure rest on.

Two of these underpass were constructed in Kano, while that of Gadon Kaya is still half done that of Kabuga is being put finishing touches and is still the one having these deformities.

The government must check mate the activities of these constructions companies who are here to make money to the detriment of the tax payers.

Government agencies should speed a constant supervision of these construction companies that rake billions for projects expected to cost few hundred millions and ensure the cleanliness of the area especially congested by some bread and petty traders who have occupied most of the little space meant for parking of cars.

These type of underpass should be constructed all around kano to make it beautiful and reduce travel hours, congestion and other traffic obstacles. If the present government of Abdullahi Umar Ganduje add two more of these underpass, kano will be in the next few years to come the first to have four of these world standard underpasses in Nigeria.

Attached with this report are some of the pictures of the areas needing urgent attention and the beautiful look of the underpass in the night.

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Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]