Starving Adamawa Civil Servants Cry And Hold Special Prayers Over Governor Jibrilla

Adamawa governor Bino Jibrilla


by Sabo Ismaila,

Adamawa Local Government workers cried out, seeking divine intervention over the nonpayment of three months Salaries as they organized the special prayers by both religions over the state government under Governor Umaru Jibrilla keeping silence over the issue without explanation of what is happening.

At the weekend, going round I found most people in the state were complaining over the issue. A primary school teacher whom I came across at the weekend was shouting that I told them that he used our money to fund his sons marriage this month but they said I am lying now they are seeing. He said I don’t know what to do or where to get loan to feed my family as those that gave him loans are tired of giving him .

He said as you can see the black nylon bag I have is ordinary garri I bought, he said we are tired of the government lies. On 27 April 2016 the governor said he directed the state Ministry of Finance to commence immediate payment of all outstanding workers salaries and entitlements in the state while addressing workers at the state Secretariat on the sum of N7. 2 billion obtained by the state as bail-out.

The money was diverted to bullet prof jeeps they bought for themselves. It all turn to be lies. He use our Salaries to fund his sons marriage by showing the guests that he is working for the state and now we are hungry.

Another local government worker said I don’t know what to say as my children were sent out of school, my family are sick, am also sick financially. Thanks to my in law who yesterday sent me a bag of rice.

During the weekend when the Governor going round in the state to supervise the on going project in the state in Yola. A LG worker confronted him and requested his audience for one minute during which he complained to him about the non payment of the salaries over three months. The Governor told him to forward his complaint to commissioner of LG affairs but he said no you are the Governor, no way since you are here.

The same scenario happen in Jimeta Unguwan Shinko when he was supervising the ongoing projects; they chanted to him: we want our salaries not project we will eat!

And also National union of local Government NULG are planing to embark on indefinite strike until the state government settle the issue.