State-In-State: Fulani Herdsmen Occupy BRT Lanes In Lagos As Shia Occupied Highways

Fulani taking over BRT lane in Lagos


Nigeria;s President Muhammadu Buhari had in December media chat, justified the massacre of as many as 1000 Nigerian Shia Muslims by explaining that during their religious processions, which take place thrice a year, the group occupy federal highways.

Fulani herdsmen have continued to operate as a State-within-the State, and even worse, massacring hundreds in Benue communities, displacing thousands and burning down entire villages just as Boko Haram. The same Nigerian government has failed to arrest a single one of these Fulani-Boko Haram terrorists and openly allows them continue to be above the law and terrorize the people, in spite of wide public reactions.

On the Islamic movement occupying highways, further exposing the deadly hypocrisy of the Buhari government and his military chief, T. Y. Buratai, the same Fulani herdsmen obstruct the same and were  just captured by the Vanguard blocking the Lagos BRT lanes.