State of Emergency: Eating Your Cake and Having It

Kaduna Sheikh Gumi campaigned strongly against Buhari

May 15, 2013

Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi

I have said it previously that the problem with Nigeria is the armed groups. Violence from Illegal arms and violence from the illegal use of legal arms. I have also said that the solution is mainly with us the people.

When a population allows illegal armed groups to hide behind it, in its canopy, then surely it cannot eat its cake and still have it. Unless such operation is carefully executed by people who value the society and feel its pain, with the utmost cooperation of the populace itself, the end result is inevitably disastrous. When the Ombatse cultists killed scores of policemen, the government cautioned the police against reprisal killings. Here there is empathy displayed, which was absent in the North Eastern region since the inception of the BH saga.

Granted, we learn as we live, let the empathy be employed in quelling all the rebellious groups. Let also the state of emergency be imposed in Bayelsa state and the turbulent oil producing areas to secure the oil fields from rascals and maintain the uninterrupted flow of oil. It is equally of significance to national security and strategic importance or even more, since government cannot eat its cake and still have it. Otherwise there is a script being played.

All bandits, rebellious groups and criminals should be fought rigorously without fear or favor. These groups will never prosper for ‘Allah loveth not mischief’ Q2/205. Any group that employ violence, kill people, rob people and destroy wealth will never succeed. Even governments that do that have their days numbered.

What we the people should do is to repel all forms of violence. We should say it loud that no violent groups speak for us or our religion. The SS people too should denounce violent groups and individuals, and the police should arrest errant rogues threatening peace and be brought before the law. Otherwise what lessons is it teaching people? That you can eat your cake and still have it!

May Allah guide us to his pleasure and steer us out of the turbulence. Ameen.