Stop insulting PDP elders, groups warns Obanikoro and Carrena

The Lagos Study group read with amazement, the news report credited to Mr. Femi Carrena who coincidentally is the Organising Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the Southwest. We were amazed because until recently, the said Carrena is relative an unknown political figure both within the party and Lagos State at large. It is our belief that since the magnanimity of the party leaders have thrown Femi Carrena into his present position in the party, he is expected to be wise enough to know that his present position is of leadership and expected to act as such without showing bias on issues that affects organs and members of the party anywhere within the region where he has been choosing as a party official.

It is shameful that Mr. Carrena who is a beneficiary of the goodwill of the Lagos PDP elders which necessitated his emergence as the Southwest Organising Secretary of the party could turn himself into a willing tool in the hands of a desperate governorship aspirant of the party, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro.

We need to remind Mr. Femi Carrena that his paymaster himself was at one time a member and even an official of the then Action Congress before stampeding his way into the PDP few months to the 2007 General election. The disaffection that his entry into the party caused the of unity that has grown over the years before his incursion is what Femi Carrena and his group are trying to reintroduce into the party again 8years after Senator Obanikoro unceremoniously abandoned the party after the loss of the 2007 governorship election.

It is laughable to read Mr. Femi Carrena say that it is uncharitable for elders to impose candidates on the party while he failed to remind himself of the contempt that the African tradition has towards elements like him who disregard or ridicule elders in our society.

We wish to inform the good people of Lagos that the PDP and our elders in the party remain committed to the democratic ideals of the party, there has never been a time that the idea of Consensus candidature is muted because it alien to the tradition of the PDP. A level playing is being created for all aspirants and it is expected that Mr. Femi Carrena and his paymaster are going to be kind enough to subject themselves to the rudiments of choosing a flag bearer for the party ahead of the 2015 elections.

While we remain committed to building and advocating for a united PDP family in the struggle towards liberating Lagos State from the bondage of a ruling clan of the last 16 years, we want to warn that we will not tolerate characters who are all out to cause disharmony as a result their inordinate ambitions in our quest. At this juncture, we are calling on the leadership of the PDP to immediately demand for the resignation of Mr. Femi Carrena as the Organising Secretary of the party in the region. This we hope will not only serve as a deterrent but will also enable him to concentrate on his assignment as the mouthpiece of Senator Musiliu Obanikoro ahead of their impeding defeat at the forthcoming Governorship primary of the PDP in Lagos State.

God bless Nigeria.
Eko Onibaje Jubayi lo ooo

Olufemi Lawson, Kola Salau
Coordinator. Registrar