Strange Feeling Of Sickness Affecting Residents Of New York

May 22nd, 2012

NewsRescue- A strange feeling of sickness has been reported by many residents of New York. There is a sense of weakness and sluggishness without actually being sick. People report having felt sleepy and tired for the past 4 days but know they don’t have the flu or other expected cold symptoms. Doctors in New Yorks boroughs have reported an increased patient load with flu-like symptoms.

Solar Eclipse?

‘The solar eclipse caused it’, Margaret from Bedstuy New York said. ‘It is not a coincidence that we are feeling slow in the North Eastern states, where the eclipse occurred. It’s been raining so there’s no pollen, and I know what allergies feels like, I don’t have them anyway.’

The solar eclipse occurred Monday 20th at 2.26 AM (IST) and ends at 8.19 AM (IST). And was witnessed in North Eastern states of America also spanning China, most of Russia, South East Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii and Arctic regions. It is not broadly believed that Solar eclipses have an effect on the weather or human life, though reports of a drop of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit occur with Solar eclipses.

The Government?

‘I know it is the Government, why are we all feeling so sick? They must be experimenting something on us…I don’t drink tap water because of the, you know, Fluoride and all that mind-control ***t… I bet you they are doing something that’s why all this sleepiness.’ Derrick an African American from Harlem said.

Whatever is causing the mystery illness, the funny feeling is anything but funny.

Several residents called out of work, Monday and Tuesday as the symptoms varied and were more serious in them. We are yet to confirm if this weird feeling of sluggishness was reported in other States, but we have confirmed it in many residents of Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island.

Do you feel sick too? Please tell us how you feel and where you are. Comment or email [email protected]