Sule Lamido; A Man of Grace and Grass

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta,

When I wrote the article, ‘Sule lamido; A once powerful governor turned powerless’, i never thought or imaging that Sule lamidos person and personality would be so degraded and disgraced by the arms of the law to the full glare of Nigerian people and as the way things are, Sule Lamidos condition may soon be referred to a psychologist or possibly a psychiatrist who may have to diagonise the actual ailment wrong with this once powerful, once vocal critic of the mad people, who have kept us kidnapped from the essence of good governance over so many of our stinking Nigerian lives.

Sule Lamido & sons only succeeded in the promotion of destitution and stealing of public funds as asserted by authorities. shamefully but regrettably, the ‘ring’ consist of a single Jigawa family members formed into a cartel of stealing and laundering of public funds, ‘the marchants of death should be their new name if proven guilty by a competent Nigerian court.

If Sule Lamido is proven otherwise, not guilty to be precise, he and his family should be compensated against the injustice meted on them, but to be proven not guilty is what many Jigawa citizens and northerners alike put to taste, and from all indication the indices available may fail to stand the test of time.

Sule was interviewed by VOA, immediately he was released on bail by the Abuja court,  ‘Such is life’ was part of what this powerless Sule uttered,realizing by himself that change is in place.

I cant imaging Sule Lamido being arrested under the watch of any other government than the present government that have given the court and the process of justice the free hand to perform its functions, Ahh, Buhari should not be blamed for Sules fall, as is being promoted by some disgruntled elements over here in northern Nigeria.

The once self styled Talakawa apostle, further reiterate that he was a veteran of incaceration, pointing out that there was nothing new in it, forgetting this is a new thing, an incarceration for fraud and stealing. He went further to explain that,  it is difficult to share his prison experience with anyone because he said, “you have to be inn there to feel what I went through with my children”.

But the questions many are asking is whether Sule have asked those he met in the prison how they feel ? many of them have been in that prison for many years, for just a case of awaiting trial many others are been kept in dungeon, no one could fight for their freedom, because they were not first class citizens like Sule Lamido and his children who could easily be transported to Abuja for an arranged bail application.

Going memory lane, one will not forget in hurry how Sule Lamido turned his back to the proletarians, siding with the Nigerian political class that have unstoppably stole from us with no hindrance, packing all the resources ment for the Nigerian people. He equally supported the government of the clueless Jonathan, choosing impunity inplace of the people choice, the blind support was a product of a deal not to prove him and members of his cartel at that time.

While we knew what awaits people of Sule Lamidos type at this prudent government of change, Sule Lamido should have passed Jigawa airport than kanos due to the insults he meted to kano people, calling them villagers because of the difference between him and the cunning former governor of kano state, Dr.Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

What remains now is for Sule and his sons to prove their innocence to the already gathered alarming evidence of their culpability. The Nigerian people believed in the Nigerian courts to dispense justice with out any fear or favor.

For the many of  Sules verbal excrement, we believe we can absorb that to the detriment of our pride, for we have to forgive and forget the madness associated with our leaders unforgiving spirit of siphoning of our common resources for their selfish gain.

From what we have seen and recorded, Sule Lamido was a man from grass to grace and now from grace to grass.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]