Syria: The Great Battle for Qusayr

Jun1 1, 2013

NewsRescue- The battle for Qusayr, the vital border town with Lebanon is raging right now.

Syrian troops together with forces of the Hezbollah army, are fighting to capture Qusayr a strategic town and supply route linking Syria with Lebanon, from rebel hold.

Rebel forces reportedly sent in over 1000 foreign mercenaries and foreign backed militia to hold the town.

On May 10th the Syrian army dropped leaflets advising citizens of Qusayr about the military action and their need to flee the town. However according to the UN, several are stuck in the town and many are injured as the fierce battle wages on between Hezbollah and Syria on one side and foreign-backed militia and al Qaeda forces on the other.

The UN is requesting a corridor of escape for the “wounded civilians.”

Meanwhile, Russia is fulfilling its contractual agreement and sending at least 10 MiG fighter jets to the Syrian government.

Syria also just received its first batch of S300 air defense missiles from Russia, according to president Assad. The US and Israel condemned the delivery with Israel promising to make Syria unable to activate the defenses.

View S300 Defense System in Action