A Tale Of Two Sharias, By Modiu Olaguro

In one of Sheikh Abdullahi Faisal’s tapes, the Jamaican radical relayed a story that happened in the lifetime of the Prophet of Islam (May peace be upon him).

It was the case of a woman who was notorious for borrowing jewelry without returning them back to their rightful owners. After thorough investigations, it was established that the lady was a thief, a confirmed one.

Her wrist must go. And fiam, it went!

As it is at the moment, the virtual criminals who loathe hard work began hissing like snakes. The prophet swore in the name of his creator that should his most beloved daughter, Fatima, steal, he would chop off her hand!

That was the prophet. That was Justice. That was the sharia my teachers taught me while I was six years old.

Justice. Fairness. Equity.

It was this knowledge of Prophet Muhammed that made former President Obasanjo mock the charade the criminals in the north called sharia during his reign. He called it “political sharia,” predicting its early death.

All of the criminals who were governors at that time indulged in every single act that attracted penalties in the sham they called sharia— high-wired stealing, adultery, fornication, murder, etc.

Had their useless sharia been Islamic, no single flesh would have been left on Yerima’s skin for he was, and still is a big thief.

Had their useless sharia been Islamic, no single bone would have been left on Bukar’s head for his punishment would have made his people pebble his skull to dust.

Shekarau—like Bola Tinubu, Bukola Saraki, Godswill Akpabio—served as Governor for just eight years and appropriated billions for themselves as pension. What about Kwankwanso, Babangida Aliyu, Wammako, etc.?

Their own sharia was modeled in the shadow of the Afrikaans, an apartheid system where the victims of the society are subject to the law while the Criminals in Power remain above the law.

SaharaReporters will keep exposing the enemies of the people. My brain had always isolated me from taking Evans’ paracetamol on my enemies’ headache.

Those of you shouting Invasion of Privacy are Abobaku, pathetic creatures of the Stone Age.

Small thing, dem go shout Allah; small thing, dem go shout Anobi…And dem de do bad bad bad bad things…When they are not pressing the buttocks of hoteliers in USA, they would be fondling the breasts of 13 year olds in Zamfara, all in the name of making laws for the “fifu of Nijeria!”

An enemy of the people was caught in a threesome orgy.

Lo and behold, the oppressed population are out shouting invasion of privacy!


Abeg who know the babalawo wey de helep dem politicians make juju? I need his expertise.

Thank God scientists have not found the cure for what is doing you people.


Your own nko?

Modiu writes from Lagos. You can reach him at [email protected].

Modiu Olaguro