This Is Terrible: Hear This Fela Ft. Nigeria’s First Lady In “Chai #DiARISGODo” Remix

May 17, 2014


What people are doing to Nigeria’s first lady, Patience Jonathan is not really fair. Did she bring this on herself? Some people are saying that she is reaping the result of making herself a permanent secretary when she is illiterate. Others are saying that how did she get a University degree when she cannot speak English. People are also asking questions about her husband, the president’s degrees; if they are authentic as well. We do not think it is fair. People should respect the first lady. But people comment that they can only respect those who respect themselves and do not steal and cause harm and death of millions in the nation and then embarrass the hard working civil servants by summoning and jailing them when they lack the authority to.

Watch and hear the video and see if it is fair: