Riots in Iran; terrorist bomb blast at Iran most holy mausoleum

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeinis shrine {Aljazeera-EPA}
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's shrine {Aljazeera-EPA}

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Ahmadinejad Wins Iran Elections With Landslide

Time: don’t assume Ahmadinejad really lost

Tehran (NewsRescue)- Reports are coming in of a suicide terrorist bomb blast at the sacred mausoleum built at the tomb of the late leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, father of the Iranian revolution. Three people have been reported injured and one, presumably the suicide bomber, dead.

The news site- PressTv, also reports that about 400 police officers have been injured in Iran protests that were banned by the Grand leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a special sermon this Friday, where he described the case of election rigging as a rigging attempt in itself, asserting that 100,000, 200,000 or 1 million vote fraud allegations are possible, but that it would be impossible to rig 11 million ballots, the number re-elected president, Ahmadinejad used to defeat his chief rival, acclaimed reformed reformist- Mousavi.

Mousavi has demanded ‘another go’,- another election attempt and chance at defeating the incumbent president, and rejects participatory recounts and investigations.

The election watchdog has agreed today to recount a disputed 10% of the election votes.

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Iranian government has initiated a full crackdown on protests, and images of the days events in Iran show heavily armed police officers blocking protesters from staging the type of civil unrest that has been organized for all but one day since the election results were released.

Success of $85 Million, US  political dissident sponsorship program?

Can the upturn of events, chaos and political bloodshed in Iran be seen as a success of US 85 million/year policy of supporting political dissidence in Iran? We recollect that in 2006, then US secretary of state, Condolezza Rice requested an additional $15 million to increase  broadcasts and support agenda into Iran to promote regime destabilization. Article- Rice wants funds for democracy initiative in Iran


WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asked Congress yesterday to fund a sweeping initiative to promote democracy inside Iran that would expand satellite broadcasts to enable Washington to ”engage” directly with the Iranian people. The initiative also would lift US restrictions to allow US funding for Iranian trade unions, political dissidents, and nongovernmental organizations.

The new request, which was made yesterday at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Bush’s foreign affairs budget, would increase spending on democracy programs for Iran this year from $10 million to $85 million.

Rice announced the initiative as Washington steps up pressure on the hard-line regime in Tehran over its nuclear program, which Washington suspects is geared toward producing a nuclear weapon.

”We find it in our interest now . . . to see if we can’t engage the Iranian population,” Rice told the senators. ”In some ways, you could argue that they need it even more now because they are being isolated by their own regime.”

Al Sharpton arrested in New York Al Sharpton and Sean Bells fiancee were arrested today during a protest of the recent not guilty verdict of the police that shot Bell down in cold blood. {MahoganyGirl}
Al Sharpton and Sean Bell's fiancee were arrested in New York during a protest of the not guilty verdict of police that killed Sean Bell in cold blood. {MahoganyGirl}

Out of line?

Crackdowns on protests are common-place world over, and many non violent civil protesters have long rap sheets of arrests over the years during non violent civil protests. In the United States, during a civil protest in demonstration of the firing of 50 shots at, and murdering of unarmed Sean Bell, a young African American on his wedding eve, and also injuring his friends. Civil right activist, Reverend Al Sharpton can be seen in this image from May 2008, being arrested, as were over 200 other protesters including the fiancee of the shot bachelor, after the ‘not guilty’ verdict for the officers involved.


CNN claims blast can be covert

CNN broadcast Saturday June 20th 2009, suggests that the report of the terrorist attack in Iran may have been a covert action by the Government of Iran, in attempt to justify a stronger crack down on the protests that have so far claimed many lives and been responsible for the loss of millions of dollars worth of public property. This claim by the US run media, CNN is remarkable, considering that though most polls show that a majority of the populace in the US and around the world suspect that the 911 attacks were possibly covert actions or acts that were intentionally not averted, the United States media has not been seen to make such suggestion in this arguably, more needy of investigation case of acclaimed cave-based terrorist sophisticated attacks.

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Western media solidarity or just ratings?

Violent post election protests in Iran {Aljazeera-AFP}
Violent post election protests in Iran {Aljazeera-AFP}

The western media interest in this particular deadly Muslim world protests has been a subject of major global discussion. Points commonly raised being- why this particular civil disobedience has the western media sympathy as compares to all other protests in the Muslim world where the same media always condemns and very much insults the civil demonstrations regardless of purpose.

The second most notable point of discussion is- the reason why the western media selected this particular case as their breaking news coverage story with glaring political solidarity, but has not promoted other similar protests in many other Nations when the powerful media tool assistance would also have been greatly beneficial to the protesters, demonstrations and struggles happening right now, and cases in the past, like the famous same date of the Iranian election, ‘June 12’ 1993 annulled elections- demonstrations in Nigeria, when the then dictatorial Military regime annulled a hallmark election in which the peoples candidate, Nigeria’s late M.K.O Abiola won by a landslide margin.

Some say it is just a great story filled with passion, crime, politics and violence, perfect for media ratings, but one thing’s for sure- through out the media’s excited coverage of the events, there has been only apparent glee, and there has not been a single experts discussion or suggestion on how to solve the crises and prevent the bloodshed.

The only thing we can say for sure is that the media is playing a very dangerous game with people’s lives, and we at NewsRescue desk hope they are at ease with this reality.


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Jundullah terrorist group allegedly supported by USA claims Iran Mosque bombing, three hung

Riots in Iran; terrorist bomb blast at most holy mausoleum