The Earth is Egg Shaped: NASA Validates Quran, Ancient Scripture


June 21, 2013


Modern science has discovered and to some, confirmed that the earth is egg shaped. Other synonyms for its unique shape are, ovoid, pear shaped or piriform.

On the NASA government website we see this description:

Exactly how round is the Earth?

The shape of the Geode, as it is called, is nearly a perfect sphere, but because the earth is spinning, it is about 21.5 kilometers flatter at the poles, and bulged-out at the equator by about the same amount. There are also other ‘higher-order’ shape deviations which make the Earth slightly pear- shaped with a larger southern hemisphere surface area than in the northern hemisphere, but at a level of a kilometer or so in radial girth. The biggest effect, though, is its polar flattening. If you had a basketball to represent the Earth’s spherical average shape, the flattening would be 21/6500 = about 1/300 the radius of the basketball or 1/32 of an inch…give or take. From NASA:

The Muslim holy book, the Quran, stated this explicitly 1400 years ago:

Chapter/Sura 79:30, that is Sura Naziyat Aya 30 reads in Arabic ” WAL ARDS BAID ZALIKA DOHAHA”.

Ostrich egg

Now I will write word by word meaning of this Aya

WAL means AND





Now see the English translation of the Sura 79:30“And the earth , moreover, hath he extended in egg shape.”

The origin of the verb, “Dohaha,” is found in the word (Ud-hiya), which means “egg of ostrich-wikipedia

Geodesy(Study of the shape of earth)

It is important to note that over time, people and science have had varying views of the shape of the earth. These have ranged from flat, to round, to spherical, to oval, to oblate spheroid or ellipsoid. Needless to say, many have been entangled in the web of wrong descriptions. However not surprisingly some spiritual books had the peculiar shape dead right from the start.

It is important at this point to differentiate spherical, from ellipsoid/oblate spherical and then from egg shaped or pear shaped ovoid.

It was actually way back in 1958 that U.S. satellite Vanguard 1 discovered the Earth’s pear shape.


“By the 16th century people were convinced that the Greeks were nuts and the Earth was actually an oblate spheroid, or an ellipsoid. The French didn’t agree. They went one better. They suspected the earth was an egg (again?) and in 1736 the French Academy of Sciences sent two expeditions, one to Lapland and one to Ecuador, to settle the question of the Earth’s shape once and for all. Their findings were close, but not exactly conclusive.

We now know from the latest scientific evidence and NASA’s satellite data that the Earth is indeed an ovoid, give or take a few bumps. So back to the egg. After all those years and a few billion dollars down the gurgler we have discovered what the ancients already knew 6000 years ago.

The Earth is slightly flattened at the poles.  Its equatorial diameter is 45 km (28 miles) longer than its polar diameter. But wait, that’s not all. As well as being generally ovoid, the Earth also has a vertical pear-shaped asymmetry, the north pole being 48 m (148 ft)  further from the equatorial plane than the south pole.”  The “pointy end of the egg “, so to speak, is at about 37° west longitude (400 km off the eastern tip of Brazil) where the equator’s longer axis is 159 m (522 ft) greater than its short axis. The “fat” end is just north of east Papua New Guinea. Source

The earth is actually more egg than pear shaped. This is because a pear has concavities, while an egg does not. The earth does not have concavities.

More resources that describe the pear or egg shaped earth as it is now known:

Interestingly, NASA also describes the moon as egg shaped:
+ The moon is not round, but egg shaped with the large end pointed towards earth.

The Muslim Quran further describes the earth spread out like a carpet. This is said to describe the the tectonic plates, above the magma. These plates are like a carpet on which people walk and travel.

Quran 71:19 “‘And Allah has made the earth for you as a carpet (spread out), 20 “‘That ye may go about therein, in spacious roads.'”

It is arguably beneficial for scriptural folk to hold on firmly to their beliefs, as after a merry go round, science usually gets to the point they were at. This is just one more example where science has come back to the point where the Muslim Quran was at.

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    Jaqua Shabazz 28 September, 2015 at 10:10 Reply

    When I first read in The Quran what the earth is shaped like, I did the worse thing a Muslim could do, I didn't believe it. So I googled it, like I was going to disbelieve The Quran but believe what my phone said. Anyway now science is saying the earth is the shape of a pear or an egg, kinda funny if you ask me, makes me wonder about all those pictures they have shown me, that were supposed to be taken by satellites, of a perfectly round planet.

  2. Avatar
    jellyfish 8 July, 2016 at 01:53 Reply

    What a load of rubbish. The claim here is that 79:30 reads “And we have made the earth egg shaped”, but does it?

    Nope, it does not, his claimed translation is the true dishonesty here, the quran says no such thing.

    Arabic: والارض بعد ذلك دحاها

    Transliteration: Waal-arda baAAda thalika dahaha

    Literal: And the earth/Planet Earth after that He blew and stretched/spread it.

    What is going on here is that a couple of translations have attempted to translate the word dahaha to mean made egg-shaped or like an ‘ostrich egg’, but that is wrong. The attempt to justify this is to claim that the root word for dahaha is duhiya which means ostrich egg, but even that is not correct either.

    In Arabic, each word must be derived from its root. The root usually consists of three letters that can be manipulated, by adding vowels, prefixes and suffixes in order to produce different words with different meanings. For example, “ka-ta-ba” (to write) is the root for many words such as kitab (book), maktaba (library), katib (author), maktoob (written), kitabat (writings), etc…

    Let’s now take the word mentioned to mean egg of an ostrich, “Duhiya”. This word is not a root. It is a noun and is derived from “da-ha-wa”, the same root that the verb “dahaha” comes from. Furthermore, Duhiya does not even mean the egg of an ostrich.

    To daha the earth means to spread it out, there is no egg shape here at all, and that is why most good translations correctly render it as streatched or spread. We are right back to a flat earth once again.

    Let’s look at the Qurans verse [Sura 88:17-20]
    Do they not look at the camels how they are made. And the sky how it is raised high. And the mountains how they are fixed firm. And the earth how it is spread out? (Wa ilal’ardi kayfa sutihat.)

    Interpretation given in Al-Jalalayn:

    At the earth how it is spread out (#) (Arabic: sutihat): meaning it was stretched, so they can see in it a sign for the power of Allah … and his saying sutihat *makes it obvious that the earth is flat,* and this is certified by Ulama’ ash-shar’a (the shari’a theologians), not a globe as it is said by ahlul-hay’a (the laymen).” (Tafseer Al-Jalalayn. printed in Damascus 1964. Al-Mallah Printshop and Bookstore) (#) The word “sutihat” is from the root word “sataha”.

    Note: The commentators are well informed about the scientific conclusion that the earth is a globe, but the scientists are considered to be laymen in regard to understanding the meaning of the Qur’an. Because revelation has primacy over science, the Qur’an is the decisive basis for the commentators to insist that the earth is flat.

    Furthermore, the Qur’an says:

    And after that He spread the earth. (Wal’arda ba’da dhalika da-ha-ha.) — [Sura 79:30]
    Again, let us consult Tafsir Al-Jalalayn: That is: “Basataha” as it was created before heaven without “Dahoo”.
    We see that Al-Jalalayn is emphasizing the issue of “flattening”. The interpreters are saying: “That is, He flattened it since it was not made flat before heaven was created.”

    Reading the context of this aya, Sura 79:27-33, the message of the Qur’an seems to be: Originally the earth was not flat (but somehow crumbled up?). After first creating the heaven over it (see 79:28-29), Allah flattened the earth (to make it inhabitable: (“A provision for you and for your cattle” 79:33).

    So stop this nonsense. The Quran promotes a FLAT Earth.

    • Avatar
      mohamed afridi 26 March, 2017 at 03:05 Reply

      Dude.. some need 1 ayat (proof) to become understood..some even if they hear 1000 verses from the quran their hearts can’t be changed.. it is in the hands of allah..who can change your heart.may allah guide you.IN SHA ALLAH (if he wills it)

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