The Grave of The ‘Missing’ Martyrs: Remembering Nusaiba Yakubu

Image: Nusaiba, a missing person possibly buried in mass grave in Mando, Kaduna by the state government

By Ammar M. Rajab

#ZariaMassacre: whenever I remember that you are among the thousand plus missing, after the attack on members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the Nigerian government through its army, I cry out.

I am always thinking, are you alive? Or you have you attained martyrdom? Where are you? When will you come back?

I will never forget your true friendship, advise, care and your funniest and aspiring smiles.

You are so admirable; intelligent and knowledgeable.

My last time seeing you was at midnight outside the premises of Husainiyya Bakiyyatullah, Zaria during the annual commiseration of Prophet Muhammad (saww) organized by IMN.

Nusaiba Yakubu, a daughter to Yakubu Zurmi and Fatima Magume, was a student of Microbiology at University of Shehu Usman Danfodiyo, Sokoto.

She is among the hundred plus students missing since the 12th day in the month of December last year, after Nigerian army attacked members of IMN in a premeditated attack under the pretext of ‘blockade of road of the COAS.’