The Impossible Promises?

President Buhari; img: Tolu Jinadu

by Malam Abuy Abba Akhuwa,

I accept the fact that President Buhari is going round the world to find a lasting solution for the insecurity bedevelling his country and to stabilise it’s economy (more prominently the falling of crude oil price). No doubt, there’s much yielded desired results, so far!

But, maybe, he’s unaware that the crippled internal structure of our every system as government needed much attention than the above cited problems.

At least, so far, the war on insurgency is getting a thing of the past. Likewise, in his proposed budget, there are adequate measures that he cited, which if physically implemented (not theoretically being repeated at the pages of foreign newspaper) will save the economy of this country from collapsing.

Time is not on his side, considering the promises he rained on us during the electioneering season. The only promise Buhari didn’t promised Nigerians is for him to fight nature and force snow to fall in Nigeria.

Dollar will be equal to Naira; 24/7 power supply; #5,000 naira monthly for 5 million vulnerable Nigerians; #1 million for each youth corper; 3 million jobs per year; and much more to remember, which instill hope in the heart of millions of hopeless citizens, were not only sighted afar, but impossibility seems to have overtaken those hopes.

The body language that he came with last ten months, which magically turn the power sector to generates above 5,000 megawatts not only disappeared, but vanished at an instant that Nigeria power almost at a point got to zero megawatts for about 4 hours on Thursday.

The harshest look that appeared in his face, which forced government officials to return billions even yet without being charged was not there as it’s beginning to be business as usual.

Also, his words of wisdom that systematically begins to convert his haters is no more there, as of daily, he’s losing many internal confidants and die hards.

Trust me, the president is still being cherished and loved by his people. Even for the sake of fighting corruption, which was the number one killer disease in Nigeria that borne the brunt of insurgency and many of its ilk. The fight against corruption, as of now, still seems not to be credible in the eyes of the patriots. But it’s been hailed by gullible followers and frustrated citizens, who doesn’t understand the implications of allowing a ‘goat’ to chase a ‘goat’.

There will be many saboteurs in this cause, the authorities are going after the ex’s government officials while in the process, not applying a giraffe method of supervising the current officials. The attention had been shifted from where it’s needed the most; let me break this down, not all state governors are happy with the fight against corruption at the first place, but after realising there was a selective process in the cause, they readjust to their former position of looting massively.

In such scenario, they’re scuttling Mr President’s number agenda.

Mr President should supposed to know by this time, that Nigerians relies on him alone. They don’t preserve any expectations from their state governors apart of paying their monthly salaries in due time. That’s the job of a state governor according to an average Nigerian.

Mr President should keep his one eye on state resources and how they were properly managed in order to showcase his competence in governance.

Indeed, Nigeria’s problem cannot be solved overnight. But this administration has not yet proved or convinced us it can find a gradual solution path to our daily woes.

For the meantime, I’ll urge Mr President and his oversabi Ministers, who always queue on highways or in airport, to find time and join millions in the filling station queues across the country.

Therefore, #IQueeWithBuhari and #MayBuhariSucceed.

Malam Abuy Abba Akhuwa, wrote from International University of Africa, Khartoum-Sudan.