The Iraqi City of Fallujah Should Serve as a Lesson to Sunni Muslims


PAST: In January 2014, the people of Fallujah kicked Iraq’s army out of the city and handed it over to ISIS DA’ISH. A Large portion of Iraq’s Muslims (…..) community sold their souls to the devil when they backed ISIS.

PRESENT: I saw a video where “Thousands of the people of Fallujah escaping the city by swimming across the Euphrates river to seek refuge with Iraq’s forces.”

Yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi declared Iraqi army, federal police and Hashd volunteer forces had retaken most of Fallujah. Fallujah isn’t 100% retaken but Da’ish have lost control over most districts in the city. Iraq’s forces are just mopping up pockets now.

Our Sunni brothers and sisters must understand that murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups such as ISIS, AlQaeda, BoKoHaram etc will never bring glory or greatness to Sunni Muslims. The intolerant and extremist ideology that inspired all these murderous Wahhabi terrorists groups can not usher in the much needed progress and development that Muslims the world over needed today and that deviant ideology is a big threat to peaceful coexistence among different inclinations of the Muslim Ummah and between Muslims and their non-Muslim neighbors.

The Wahhabi ideology which is nothing but an empty cult that is inspired by the deviants teachings of Ibn Taymiyyah al-Harran and his clown puppet Ibn AbdulWahhab of Najd. These deviant clerics commanded those they brainwashed to kill, rape and plunder the belongings of all those who disagree with their warped and deviant teachings. This commandment is the root cause of all the massacres and bloodletting that many Muslim countries are experiencing today.

The evil concept of Takfir (excommunicating Muslims from Islam) is the hallmark of the deviant Wahhabism. Prophet Muhammad (sa) said that whoever declared the Kalimah is a Muslims but Wahhabis say no to that and they declared their own deviant conditions as to the definition of Muslims. Prophet Muhammad (sa) was attracting people to Islam while the deviant Wahhabis are driving and excommunicating Muslims from Islam. The bloodthirsty Wahhabis did not only stopped at that, they ate killing innocent Muslims in the name of Islam and destroying their homes and cities.

Truth must be told that the only reason why these murderous Wahhabi terrorists groups exist today and flourished is because a large section of Sunni Muslims who are contaminated with the poison of the deviant Wahhabi are supporting and abating them. And sadly from all available statistics majority of their victims are Sunni Muslims who rejected their warped and deviant teachings.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the biggest financiers of the deviant Wahhabi cults the world over. They sponsored satellite TVs, schools and mosques across the world where the deviant teachings of Wahhabism are taught and innocent Muslims indoctrinated with hate and terrorism especially the youth. One of the main reasons why the then British Empire gave Hijaz where the Holy cities of Mecca and Madina are located to the House of Saud and their Wahhabi clerics. Today murderous Wahhabi terrorists groups such as ISIS, AlQaeda, BoKoHaram etc serves as the proxy armies of the New World Order (NWO) that comprises Western imperialism and Global Zionism. They used them to further their evil imperialist agenda in the Islamic world then declared them as terrorists and then killed them to deceive their gullible audience that they are fighting against terror!

Let’s hope the lesson from Fallujah has been learnt by our Sunni brothers and sisters, the extremist currents that Wahhabism inspired will only stagnate the progress and development of Muslims and keep Muslim communities in endless wars and senseless bloodlettings. Such extremist currents fuel Islamophobia in non-Muslim communities where Muslims are wrongly identified with terrorism.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]