The Nigerian Army Shot My Three Brothers Dead In Front Of Our Dad – Muhammed Zakzaky

Humaid Zakzaky: one of the sons Zeenat watched killed in cold blood

Image: Late Humaid, 13


The son of Nusaiba Ibraheem Zakzaky, Muhammed, has said that the Nigerian army killed three of his brothers in Zaria in an interview with ABNA.

Lt. Gen T. Yusuf Buratai
Lt. Gen T. Yusuf Buratai

He said that the Nigerian army killed three of his siblings during last week’s attack on their residence in Zaria.

Ibraheem said that his three brothers Hammad, 17, Ali, 15, and Humaid, 13, were all shot dead in front of their father during the raid by the army last week.

This comes after the Islamic Movement in Nigeria said that its members would continue their peaceful protests against the killing of its members by soldiers in Zaria, Kaduna state.

Ibraheem said that earlier in June 2014, the military abducted and killed three of his other brothers after a pro-Palestinian march.

Those killed were Ahmad, 22, a final year student of Chemical Engineering at Shenyang University, China; Hameed, 20, who was studying Aeronautical Engineering at Xian University, China and Mahmud, 18, who was a student of Al-Mustapha University, Beirut, Lebanon.

Three sons killed last week
Three sons killed last week

He said that of his eight siblings, only two, Nusaiba and Suhaila, remain alive.

According to him, he survived the Zaria attack with wounds to her face.

“Thank God, I have been able to finally speak to my sister (Suhaila) after seven days of terror, compliments of the Nigerian army,” he said. “They have been released from the ordeal of being with an army that is supposed to protect them.”

“But I call to all those who care that, we must continue with our peaceful protests, however and whenever we can. Just as we have been doing for over the last 30 years, and as long as we breathe, I hope that we will continue to do so,”  Zakzaky’s son said. “We will continue to protest in order to demand our right to bury our dead properly, to tend to our wounded and to see to the health of our leader, my father.”

“Then comes our property which has either been destroyed or fenced by looters under the watch of the Nigerian army,” he said.

He added that “I will continue to demand unbiased, impartial justice, for my six brothers, for as long as I breathe.”