The Nigerian “Black Operation” To Stop Terrorists in Lagos: Rejects US Assistance

June 15, 2013

NewsRescue- Nigeria’s security services has since Friday 7th June, initiated “black operation,” aimed at stopping terrorists who might be planning attacks in Lagos, in their tracks. Other similar operations have been launched in most states across the country.

Help was offered by the United States, but Nigeria refused any such foreign assistance, to “prevent espionage and infiltration” of the state and its security. Foreign media, most recently prominent, the  Al Jazeera western linked Qatari regime news outlet, have been seen promoting the interests of terrorists in Africa’s largest nation and a world top oil producer.

March 14th, the federal government declared war against Boko Haram, initiating a state of emergency in the northern extreme states where the cult had its highest activity level. Since then the military and civilians including the “civilian JTF”—groups of anti-terror civilian youth—have made major victories against the terrorists who are now arrested or on the run.

In  yesterdays news, a Borno man even handed in his Boko Haram terrorist son to the authorities for summary execution after he confessed his killings and terrorist activities. The man rejected to be bribed by the son’s offer of millions of naira he had stashed and two cars, calling such wealth “haram.” He reportedly said ‘Masha Allah,’ “Glory to Allah,” as he walked away after his son had been killed.

In desperation, it will not be unexpected for Boko Haram to attempt publicity stunt, malicious attacks against innocent Nigerians and key infrastructure in its many states.

Black operation protects key installations in the former capital, Lagos.

Citizens are also advised to remain vigilant and quick to report suspicious persons or activity.

In March this year, security services arrested a couple of Boko Haram operatives, planning attacks, at Ijora in Lagos.