The Philosophy of the Fulani Herdsman

He is always in front of his herd not behind them because he leads them, not drive them.

He carries a stick, not to beat, but to guide and defend them with it. When they come to cross the road, he crosses last, to make sure each one crosses safely.

When they come to a pond, they drink the water first, before him. No matter how hungry he is, he will not eat from the gourd he always carry, until he is sure every member of his herd is satisfied.

He knows the name of each member of his herd, and calls and dialogues with them individually or collectively.

In time of danger, he has a distinct signal to tell them to disperse, and where to assemble.

A Fulani man will never eat meat from a member of his herd (some never eat cow meat at all), because of the unwritten covenant between them.

That’s why the cow trusts its owner and obeys him. And that’s why leaders are admonished to adopt the philosophy of the Fulani Herdsman in leading their people.

(Courtesy of Danmasanin Kano Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule)