The Saraki Text-Crime Bill: Has Its Corruption Run Nigeria’s Senate Mad?


Even China, one of the most repressive nations in the world does not have such inane laws. Nor does Kim Jong-un’s North Korea…that If I should send a text today to a friend of mine, with some faulty message about a Nigerian Senator; If someone sees the text or the phone networks pass it to the authorities, I will be arrested and jailed for two years and/or fined almost $10,000.


Only a bunch of brainless psychopaths, devoid of ideas and dependent on public employment can ever come up with and support such barbaric suppression of the people. Only illiterates can conjure such a bill and read it once and twice with a nod.

I must tell you something about these lot; the same lot who stand behind the senate president accused of pervasive and chronic corruption. The men who cook up such legislation and nod to it are the 89 who march behind Saraki to his corruption trials. These are career crooks.

In China where such repressive law does not even exist, there is death for corrupt officials. A brother, Mohammed Sabo Keana said that the condition which will make him support the Saraki text crime bill will be if the same shameless senators propose and put into law a bill that prescribes death by hanging for corrupt office holders. I won’t hold my breath.

So I tell you about these beasts; they are worse than the Chinese leadership in terms of repressive dreams. They cannot make a single dollar out of public office. They cannot sell a single pencil and make a profit. Their families are likewise; otherwise why do they live off of corruption and slicing massive pieces of the Nigerian pie to survive? What kind of people will pass no sensible bills, will never be known for good, but will be the ones who on their 2-days a week sittings, hurry to divide up juicy committees and pass bills that proffer immunity on themselves and incarceration on Nigeria’s disenfranchised masses? What do you call such Aye-Ayes?

I will tell you about them. Nigeria’s legislooters are the scum of the earth. You have the like of Dino Melaye. Can someone tell me how he made his money to buy all those expensive cars? It is known that people who are so vain lack the tools of manhood. This explains why he seeks such vain glory. His cars give him what is missing between his legs and between his parietal bones. Dino Melaiye was lucky. He rode on our war against Jonathan. We were blindsided, or rather focused on the bigger wars; Jonathan, Dasuki and their Boko Haram cash venture. The day Dino won, he showed off his cars.

Time is our friend. How time flies. It has already been 6 months. Just another 3 and a half years. Is that not all? Three and a half more years in that ‘hallowed and sacred’ house as Dumbo Menace calls it. Just three and a half. Enjoy and then come again to the ballot. Haha.

saraki tribunal2

Can you imagine a people who leave their job and march along side a man accused of gross corruption with charges impossible to shake off. They follow Saraki to the courts to bully the judges. Are these human beings or rotten nuisances in human skin? Bully the judges and then bully the masses.

I said I will tell you about them. The little of Dino Melaye’s rant I listened to before I tuned in to lawmakers in UK discussing how to fight Daesh, I heard Dino call their chamber a ‘sacred’ one. Sacred my foot. That chamber is no more sacred than the nasty chewed gum that sticks under your shoe that you scratch and scrape to try to escape from. Big pay, tiny brains. Our is the most useless Assembly in the world. After all are these not the murderers who watched as Jonathan and Sambo Dasuki did all that to us leading to over 100,000 Boko Haram deaths and 3 million displaced?

Are these not the nitwits who had no clue how to screen our ministers and approved all even those with records who slighted them in answer to their one track and one step questions?

Are these not the criminals who failed to impeach inebriated killer Joe, before during and after Boko Haram kidnapped our poor, dear Chibok girls and his administration denied it and his wife obfuscated it? And only raised the threat of impeaching the president the three times he affected them, when their jobs or wages or immunity was at stake?

You see, as I was saying earlier, career polithievians have no faith in their seed. They know for a fact that their children will be as brainless and useless as they, this is why they steal to live and live to steal. They steal ridiculously so much because they do not want their children to die miserable deaths of failure, being empty heads as they are. So they steal more than they need and buy homes in Dubai, London and America so their empty-head kids can have places to live. Why else will a public servant become a proud and shameless public thief? My dad was a public servant, a minister, and he left office broke but with pride.

I love him because he made me wealthy in mind. He trained me to be a success. I do not need a dime from him. I would never accept a house from him abroad if he had to loot or otherwise covet money of Nigeria’s poor to buy this for me. My dad gave me more. He trusted that the toolset he gave me will make me never need. Not this lot who cut up incomes they know they do not deserve for the nothing but harm they do in a nation where 80% live under a dollar-a-day.

No, not these ones I tell you about. These ones want to steal and to shut us up so we cannot even text each other to lament over their stealing our future. Dino, NaAllah, these people do not have much intelligence, in fact they have none at all. Their brains are empty baskets, filled only with wickedness and deadly hunger for cash, the only value system in Abuja.

I promise them that we will fight them. We will hold placards and harass their children abroad. We will carry placards any time they travel and at our embassies with their names and their records of theft and shame. When we can, we will finish them. Like we fought Boko Haram; like we fought Dasuki and Jonathan,w e will fight them. Oh, we will fight them. This I promise.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian