The Saudi Regime & its Takfiri Wahhabi Ideology Does not Represent Sunni Islam

Crescent moon and star symbol of Wahhabi Islam, put on top of the Holy Kaaba

The Saudi Wahhabi regime & its Takfiri Wahhabi ideology are exerting every effort to hijack and take-over Sunni Islam despite the fact that that the biggest victims of Wahhabi Terrorism are Sunni Muslims whether in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Libyia etc.

Therefore if we criticize #Saudi_Arabia in our writings due to its Takfiri policies people should not equate it with Sunni Islam. People should not think that we are condemning Sunni Islam though the Wahhabis will try to make that conclusion.

"Devil's Horn" clock in Saudi Arabia dwarfs Kaaba
“Devil’s Horn” clock in Saudi Arabia dwarfs Kaaba

The Holy cities of Makkah and Madina are the most beloved cities to all Muslims and our love for these cities must not translate to love for the despotic rulers of Saudi Arabia who are lackeys of the New World Order (NWO) that comprises Western imperialism & Global Zionism.

The British colonialists delibrately planted the Al Saud family in that area to control the Muslims of the world. And today they had succeeded in neutralizing the political aspect of #Hajj and all the benefits that Islam and Muslims will derive from that.

In the year America and its allies invaded Iraq nobody mentioned it officially in Hajj, the same when America and its allies invaded Afghanistan.

This happened because the Al Saud regime is a servant of Western imperialism and it will prevent any condemnation of the crimes of those nations during Hajj against Muslims.

The Al Saud regime with its Takfiri ideology is the greatest obstacle to Muslim unity in the world today. It hirelings and agents promote this heretical ideology in Muslim countries to spread hate among Muslims and widen the gulf between them.

The Al Saud regime do not represent Sunni Islam though it might lay claim to that to deceive the gullible and the unenlightened.

All criticizm of Saudi Arabia is against the government not on its people and this should be clear to all. The people of Saudi Arabia are our Muslim brothers and sisters but the government of Saudi Arabia is an American puppet.

We have never condemned Sunni Islam in all our work due to our desire for unity among Muslims. We considered both Sunni and Shia as the two rooms in the house of #Islam. Every Muslim that has the love of Islam at heart should work for unity among Muslims.

But we reject Wahhabism and we condemn it. We condemned it because it is a gross deviation from the Islam of mercy and that it is marked by the exclusion of others. If Wahhabism and its offshoots have any distinction the whole world would have seen it by now because the whole world can not be blind.

But what the world see as the practical manifestations of Wahhabism are hate – mongering, violent killings and be-headings, naked intolerance, ignorant extremism, suicide bombings and car-bomb laden cars in places populated by civilians.

In the political arena what the world see as Wahhabism is treachery against Islam and its interest, loyalty to Western imperialism and its hirelings, alliance with the Zionist enemy against the Resistance to its existence, hosting bases of Islam’s greatest enemies in Wahhabi-ruled countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

So here we differentiate between Sunnis and Wahhabis, they are entirely two different things.The former does not support terrorism while the latter does support terrorism.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]

Note:This article was first written on 17/12/13 but was recently updated.