The Tale Of Dasuki, Prince Of Sokoto And One Of The Greatest Thieves In History

NSA Dasuki, implicated in February 7, 2015 coup


A Sagitarian by zodiac sign, Sambo Dasuki was born on December 2nd, 1954. He was born in Wusasa, Zaria, Kaduna State, to Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki, the 18th Sultan of Sokoto and was his first son.

Dasuki attended Kaduna Capital School for his elementary education and later Government College, Kaduna, for his secondary education. He entered the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1972 and was coursemate with officers such as Colonel Kayode Are, General Owoye Andrew Azazi, and Admiral Ganiyu Adekeye. Dasuki received his commission from the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1974 and was posted to an Army Headquarters platoon.

Sambo Dasuki (then a Major) and military assistant to General Mohammed Inuwa Wushishi participated in the 1983 Nigerian coup d’état that installed Major General Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s Head of State. Later, Dasuki was among four majors (Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, Lawan Gwadabe, and Abdulmumini Aminu) who arrested the Nigerian head of stateMuhammadu Buhari in the 1985 palace coup led by Major General Ibrahim Babangida. Following the coup, Dasuki was made Aide-de-camp (ADC) to General Ibrahim Babangida. –Wikipedia

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Vendetta: Dasuki’s Father The Deposed Sultan

Sambo Dasuki’s father, Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki was abruptly deposed from the seat by the Abacha government in 1996. This did not sit well with the Sambo family and NSA Sambo Dasuki is reported to have held a vendetta against the state of Nigeria.

Dethroned, Ibrahim Dasuki, Sambo's father [Sahara]

Dethroned, Ibrahim Dasuki, Sambo’s father [Sahara]

Relationship With Spy Aliyu Gusau and Babangida’s Loot

Late Aliyu Dasuki, Babangida's thief
Late Aliyu Dasuki, Babangida’s thief

Nigeria literally kept Babangida’s Gusau, the worst engine of Babangida’s brutal dictatorship, in the helm of power as NSA through its civilian regimes. Perhaps the idea that led only to terrorism north and south, was to put the wolf in charge of protection of the sheep. Gusau controlled the office of the NSA through his brother-in-law, Sambo Dasuki. Gusau is conveniently married to Dasuki’s wealthy sister, Jamila.

The marriage between Aliyu Gusau and Dasuki’s sister Jamila was worked out by Ibrahim Babangida in order to try and save some of the wealth looted by the former dictator that had been lost when Aliyu Dasuki died.

“Ogbeh continued, IBB’s financial resources were not of the magnitude many assumed; he had lost a fortune when Aliyu Dasuki suddenly died (Aliyu Mohammed subsequently married Dasuki’s widow, Jamila)…”Wikileaks Cables.

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The deposed Sultan tried to resolve matters between Jamila Dasuki and Ahmed Dasuki to no avail as Ahmed had to flee the country.

He added: “As a father, I spoke to Ahmed and Jamila to allow me intervene so that the matter can be amicably resolved. I followed up with a letter to (the) two of them. I subsequently set up a committee of eminent northerners to hear her complaints against her own brother and the firm he hired to carry out the assignment but she has shown more faith in the law courts.”

Ahmed Dasuki on the run
Ahmed Dasuki on the run

However, the elder Dasuki failed to acknowledge that his son had failed to honour several invitations by the court and had indeed kept away from Nigeria in spite of successive orders, thus forcing the Sokoto Upper Sharia Court to issue a bench warrant against him. There is also the argument that the former Sultan failed to acknowledge the fact that the behaviour of his son is against the stipulations of the Holy Qur’an as regard treatment of inheritance and orphans. Excerpts from An-Nisaa, or The Women, Qur’an, Chapter 4 Verse 2 states: “To orphans, restore their property (when they reach their age), do not substitute (your) worthless things for (their) good ones; and devour not their substance (by mixing it up) with your own. For this is indeed a great sin.”

Aliyu Gusau has since fought to regain control of Babangida’s loot through Jamila, sister to Sambo Dasuki.

Aliyu Gusau is said to hold a confidential dossier on Nigerian politicians which he uses to blackmail those in power for eternal immunity and positions in power: he was last appointed as the Minister of defense and still evades justice under Buhari.

Dasuki The NSA

azazi-bokoAfter the then NSA Andrew Owoye Azazi was sacked from office for revealing details about the PDP sponsorship of Boko Haram, Dasuki was picked by Jonathan to take his place. Andrew Azazi had implicated Jonathan, Aliyu Gusau and Babangida in Boko Haram terror.

Rtd. col Sambo Dasuki is a Babangida’s man. Like Nigeria’s former, serial NSA, Aliyu Gusau, late Gen. Abacha, and other Majors like Abdulmuminu Aminu and Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, these are the Babangida inner circle and the team that deposed of the Buhari-Idiagbon government and maintained the Babangida dictatorship for the harrowing decade in Nigeria’s history.

AZAZI-PDPSambo Dasuki was the Aide-de-camp to president Ibrahim Babangida. During Abacha’s era, Abacha was possibly scared of Dasuki and Gusau, he knew certain things about these men, perhaps some things that could be dangerous to him, based on their past workings, and as such Abacha retired both Dasuki and Gusau. They both went on to private intelligence business.

Enter Dasuki, Azazi Killed

In June 2012 Sambo Dasuki was made the NSA after Azazi was retired from his post, in a decision possibly not unrelated to the late NSA’s opposing position with the Jonathan administrations policies on security, and his public statement, asserting that the ruling political party, PDP and certain PDP presidential aspirants, was behind Boko Haram northern terror.

Andrew Azazi was killed in a suspicious helicopter explosion in Bayelsa in December of 2012, under the Dasuki NSA regime in an accident that echoed the common military assassinations of the Babangida years.

azazi-crashBillions Looting Galore And Boko Haram

What followed was a free for all campaign of corruption and looting.

don caponeWith Goodluck Jonathan as President and Sambo Dasuki as NSA, Nigeria’s central bank vault was opened and billions of dollars looted daily, with as little as hand written note directives to the Central bank.

No less than 80 billion dollars was looted under the regime.

Dasuki was main author of a $9 million smuggling blood-arms ring involving Israeli spies, shipping Nigeria’s hard currency to South Africa and other nations.

Dasuki was the head of the Jonathan re-election campaign. He coordinated payments of sums from $500,000 and up to all northern and southern politicians, media organisations and other advocates who would receive it.

Dasuki and Jonathan
Dasuki and Jonathan

Then Niger state governor, Babangida Aliyu had opened up that there were lists totaling billions of dollars of Nigerians to be bribed by the government. Dasuki, the prince of Sokoto was in charge of that distribution.

Election Postponement Coup: The Boko Haram Joker

boko haram joker2NewsRescue exclusively revealed that Sambo Dasuki had been promised to be made the Sultan of Sokoto in payment for his services to Jonathan. His above stated grievances with the Nigerian State over the deposition of his father from the post, served as great motivation.

When the elections of 2015 slated for February the 14th came up and the Jonathan administration realized defeat was imminent, Dasuki took over to arrange the postponement of the elections.

He is remembered for his treacherous speech at the Chatham house where he first revealed that the elections would be postponed.

Dasuki claimed the postponement was to secure the northeast so people will be able to go back home and vote. This never happened and was prove to be a ruse. Dasuki was described by those moves to have carried out a silent coup to retain the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

Dasuki had once again played the “Boko Haram Joker.” Dasuki and his in law, US Spy Aliyu Mohammed Gusau have been reported to be sponsors of Boko Haram. The Fulani duo are accused to have used Boko Haram ravaging the Kanuri-majority northeast to pursue their political agendas.

boko burn dolalrs

Millions of dollars were paid to Boko Haram members under the Dasuki era as NSA. A particular helicopter shipping bales of dollars to Boko Haram that crashed exposed the covert sponsorship of the terrorists by the Dasuki NSA office. The helicopter had two white men on board. Upon locals discovering the contents of the copter, Nigeria’s security services hurriedly dispactched the crowd and burned the millions of dollars cargo.

Dasuki in a blackmail publication in DailyPost last year demanded an open trial and threatened to expose sponsors of Boko Haram and other looters of Nigeria’s common wealth.

Today the Dasuki trial has exposed the rot in Nigeria’s system and continues to reveal several top Nigerian politicians in both parties involved in the looting of billions of the nation’s dollars.