The visit of President Rouhani to Europe, by Harun Elbinawi


by Harun Elbinawi,

Iran President Hassan Rouhani visited #Italy & the #Vatican where he met with the #Pope. It was a historic visit where Rouhani presented the Bishop of Rome with Muslim prayer mat as a gift. #Islam & Christianity are the two most closest religions in the world, any move to enhance mutual respect that will translate into peaceful coexistence should be welcome by all. While in Italy deals worth $18 billion were signed between the two countries, among Western powers Italy has the closest relations with Iran & that was why the European tour stated with Italy.

The Italian government showed cultural understanding to their guest by not serving wine during dinner & covering nude statues in the famous Rome museum. Such gesture is important from a Western power, unlike others who think relations should be based on master – slave relashionship. The American government is still notoriously infested with such virus.

After visiting Italy the Iranian President has now arrived in Paris, #France, where he is expected to meet with French leaders & sign billions of dollars of deals. Europe needs Iran as well as Iran needs Europe, the Europeans should try to deal with Iran independent of the US negative influence on them. Iran is a rising power & the Europeans are well of this & Iran weld tremendous influence in the Islamic world. There will be no presidential dinner in France since the French government insist on serving wine at the table but there will be breakfast where only Halal food will be serve.

Having broad ties between European nations & Muslim countries should be based on mutual respect & balanced relationship, not like in the past that was based on the colonisers & the colonised. European powers should understand that awareness is growing in developing countries & the policy of imperialism, exploitation & domination can not be sustained for long. History is not static as some nations will rise while other nations will decline, that was how it was since creation.

It is our hope that the improve relations between Europe and Iran will solve a lot of problems bedevilling the Middle East region especially the occupation of #Palestine. The total & absolute support of Western powers to the #Israeli regime is what gives that rogue regime the license to commit all sorts of crimes & atrocities against defenseless Palestinians. The oppressed people of Palestine have the right to live & exist in dignity & honor devoid of the daily humiliation they are subjected to by their Zionist oppressors.

Harun Elbinawi