Towards A New Political Party for Youth and New Generation Nigerians

July 15, 2014


In January of 2013, several progress desirous Nigerians including myself came together and established the Sovereign National Party, SNP [On the web-]. The SNP was first conceptualized in February of 2012 as a result of the January 2012 fuel subsidy removal atrocity by the Jonathan government in which the vulnerable state of total exploitation of Nigerian masses was brought to the fore and the need and potential of a new generation of harmonious, hungry youth who shared problems, trials and aspirations was elucidated.

political partyThe Sovereign National Party, SNP, the only Party that several of us subscribe to till date, was established as an Open source, no sponsor, no cabal, no ownership political platform with a donation cap at N100,000 – to ensure it would never be owned. The party has no permanent seats and no permanent personalities, but is established as a simple platform with caretakers whose duty it was and is, to enable an environment for the people to decide how they wish to organize and constitute their platform and their government for the people, truly by the people and permanently checked by a referendum of the intelligent people in a form of direct democracy – possible thanks to and taking advantage of modern IT tools.

In the first months of 2013 when the SNP gained tremendous popularity and shook the Cabal, several groups and individuals in Nigeria, as is customary, suddenly ‘realized’ Nigerians deserved and hungered for something new, something better, and we witnessed dozens of new parties including purposeful obscurations, being formed and rushing to INEC to be registered. This, the obvious result of the SNP showing the way, which was to our pride, however in the process, of course, as we witnessed the new platforms steal our ideas and manifesto, INEC too, ‘owned’ by the ruling Party got worried and suddenly as they saw us coming, as it can be re-collected, raised the political party registration fees from N100,000 to N1,000,000, more than 10 fold.

SNP with a capped individual contribution amount was hindered. Money rules in Nigeria, bags of rice buy the way, but we will never allow money rule our Party. We would rather lose gallantly than be bought or buy our mandate. We had organized several futuristic, dynamic, ethno-harmonious town-hall sessions in New York, the United Kingdom and parts of Nigeria. Edward Olutoke, the temporary head care-taker who organized Nigeria’s central meetings in Abuja had done and continues to do things prior unseen in political organization in Nigeria. Within three months of establishment, the SNP had initiated a list of programs for development of Nigeria in health, wealth, security and even sports. The SNP football team and drama groups were launched in Abuja as we began a process that builds from the community and individual and promoted tolerance with inter-state competition. Programs like Emergency Medical Aid, EMA, were a promise to the victims of accidents and emergencies. And we had not yet even ‘started.’ But such ideas, concepts and program are what each and every one of us common Nigerians have and dream for, true progress and transformation, devoid of political hullabaloo.

But, the SNP is not the highlight of this article. We are all ready and eager for that escape from the treacherous reign of recycled, rogue Cabal, the lizards who have held this nation to ransom for its 53 years. The results of the Ekiti election tell us this one thing if nothing at all – how bags of rice and criminals are what Nigerians are forced to bow to as the devil reigns supreme in Nigeria. Nigeria’s millions of progressive minds are exiled as Nigeria, status-quo, continues to be held and led down the annals of history as the largest and most failed African nation.

The youth are ready. There are dynamic youth all over Nigeria eager for the revolution. Perhaps we cannot do it on the streets, but can we do it at the ballot? Why not? We invite whoever wishes to form a true progressive, new Nigerian political party to do so. If you wish to continue from where we are at the SNP, we give you the reins. As mentioned earlier, SNP is an Open Source system, we believe in leadership by emergence. Those of us who founded the system are available to be replaced and sacked as agreed upon by the better of us (Nigerians). What matters and what is pertinent is that Nigerians need a way out and we do so fast as we continue to be robbed, killed and disgraced silly by this block of brainless Cabal criminal vultures. Our daughters who have been raped and killed by Boko Haram due to our politicians in government of all current political parties, state and federal level, deserve this from us. Let this be the result of their pain. Our fathers deserve this from us. We youth should make them proud, both the living and the dead, naturally and killed by these rotten Cabal. Our maimed, those displaced farmers, the killed farmers of Benue and Plateau, the victims of pogroms of the past, the victims of the current pogroms… all victims of Nigeria need to see us youth, us progressive Nigerians, stand up and drive the crazy bald-heads out of the yard.

Please come forward and share this vision. Please come forward and grab the reins. Please come forward and forge the path and we youth shall tow behind you and amass our technical and intellectual ability to liberate our people from the shackles of this expired greedocracy.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian