Translation of “LAMIDO SANUSI: The wrong Emir of Kano, By Femi Aribisala”

Femi Aribisala

June 10, 2014


by Lekan Abayomi

Let me try to translate what I just read from Femi Aribisala, because those who saw his peace all agree that it was hard of reading.

Femi said:

Argh, blig blig goodome chaw, chaaw money money money pass money, give me money, money makes me forget, money makes me lie, for money I write, argh, blig blog, blag, blag 20 billion dollars spreading, here is my kiosk, shower me twenty billion dollars, here is my begging bowl, aglick, braklic, blueclick, will write for money, will lie for money.

Will forget for money, will forget patience Jonathan wanted by the EFCC for 100 million since 2006, will remember to forget that Sanusi’s case was tossed out by the court, because I am arg, blig, blug, money, money, pounds, dollars, naira, belleful, awuf nor dey run bele. Argh, blig blug, who will publish me, the newspapers are dummies, they will publish this frap, what more junk can I write, argh, grablick, grublck, lie, lie, write trash for money, smeer, libel, I am old, but not too old to love money. Argh, blag, blig. Blue is white and red is green for money. No shame in this., $20 billion is being spread around yanfun yanfun. Money, money money, we Wendell Simlin, Omokore, Olis Metuh, any thing for money. Money oh, arghh, blig, blug.