TROUBLING: N’Assembly Finds 2016 Re-Submitted Nigerian Budget Still Filled With Padding

Padded budget


Nigeria’s national assembly has once again detected padding and fresh flaws in the re-submitted 2016 national budget.

Though the assembly committee is likely to approve the budget, the padding that remains in the new version includes embarrassing items like the budgeting of money for the “installation’ of security equipment in the office of the Secretary General of the Federation. that had been budgeted and paid for every year since 2013.

The committee found that the sum of N527,000,000 was budgeted for the same security installation in 2013, N1,161,356,582 was allocated to the same item in 2014; in 2015, N316,420,274 was budgeted for it; and in the current 2016 budget, a whopping N1,710,322,610 is to be spent on the same security installation!

Duplicate allocations were found again.

Fashola’s ministry of Works and housing budget was as expected, riddled with padding and fraudulent listings. These included the construction of a block of three classrooms at the cost of N85,592,483 in thee Ministry of Works, Power and Housing (headquarters) budget with no location of where this project was to be executed.

The sum Fashola budgeted for three blocks can build no less than 80 blocks of classrooms.

Ministry of Works, Power and Housing was also padded with allocations for construction of a maternity centre for N91,124,858; and the allocation of N172,623,767 for the building of skill acquisition centres at unknown locations not included in the budget.

The Ministry of works still kept the Fashola trademark borehole padding, with a single borehole listed at the cost of N140m!(About $700,000).

fashola gate

Many other paddings and fraud detected can be reviewed here.