In a turbulent world, what is truth?

by Harun Yahya

Every day new information and documents come to light, revealing the lies that changed the flow of history. People watch in astonishment the fact that the “official history,” the truth of which was previously doubted by no one, is actually filled with a large number of false information. This distorted history is based on the principal of how the dominant powers want the events to be known by public, rather than providing the correct information.

Alexander Canduci, historian and writer, discusses in his book “The Greatest Lies in History,” a collection of “historical lies” that led to revolutions and wars, falsehoods that have been believed to be true until today. Following are some of the interesting headlines from Canduci’s book:

The Fourth Crusade (1204) was not launched to liberate Jerusalem. The actual intention of the leaders was to capture Istanbul.

The claim that hundreds of patriots were kept prisoner and suffered torture in the Bastille Prison prior to the French Revolution was a lie. The truth was that there were only seven prisoners held in Bastille; and two of them were notorious murderers.

Contrary to popular belief, the Americans knew beforehand that the Japanese would raid Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt was informed about the attack. However, he deliberately refrained from taking any precautions to use it as a casus belli for entering World War II. This was also widely covered in Joseph E. Perisco’s book, “Roosevelt’s Secret War.”

The invasion of Normandy was not mounted with the aim of protecting the Russians from the Nazis by opening a second front. Their real intention was to be able to invade Germany before their ally Russia could.

The Vietnam War was not started by the North Vietnamese attacking the American troops. On the contrary, it was the Americans who started the war.

In his book, Canduci also addresses the lies that sparked bloody wars in the 21st century. One among them is the lie, as featured by many other sources as well, that Iraq was in possession of “weapons of mass destruction” and the U.S. invaded the country to destroy these weapons that supposedly posed a threat to the world and “bring democracy.” In the following years, Tony Blair himself also had to admit to this. And the truth is that there were no “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. (Alexander Canduci, “The Greatest Lies in History,” 2010)

This lie, which sparked the Iraq War of 2003 and was asserted by then British Prime Minister Tony Blair based on so-called intelligence provided by the MI6, was brought to light by the Chilcot Report recently issued by the official committee of inquiry assigned by the British parliament.

The former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and a high-ranking official of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Craig John Murray, summarizes the horrific consequences of this lie as follows:

“If Blair had not been absolutely determined to attack Iraq on the basis of a knowing lie about WMD, they would be alive now, along with millions of other dead. … The fact is that, beyond doubt, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the British Secret Intelligence Service knew there were no Iraqi WMD.”

Regarding George W. Bush, who declared war on Iraq, and government of the U.S., President Donald Trump said, “They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none. And they knew there were none.”

According to research featured on CNN that was conducted by two journalism groups, seven high-ranking government officials including Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice publicly made 935 false statements about the security risk supposedly posed by Iraq in the two years following Sept. 11, 2001.

The Libya war, just like Iraq, was a part of the “New Design of the Middle East” project. The fact that this war, just as the Iraq War, was “based on lies, bogus intelligence and NATO supported and armed the rebels in Libya” was confirmed by a report of the British Parliament. As a result of these fabricated facts, the fighter aircraft lifting off from the Akrotiri and Dhekelia, the Sovereign Base Areas of the United Kingdom in Cyprus, rained bombs down upon 15,000 civilians in Libya. The interesting thing is the British governments disclosing the mistakes of their own intelligence services and government administrators after a fait accompli through the reports of again their own official committees and commissions.

Of course, in addition to all these, the questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks are at the forefront in this series. They were presented as a justification for the War on Terrorism which was launched by the Bush administration with the Afghanistan massacre and which has been drenching the Middle East and the Islamic world in a sea of blood, fire and horror for the last 15 years.

Today, however, the idea that Sept. 11 was allowed to happen or even planned by the CIA and M16 has been discussed by countless sources in the form of hundreds of scientific researchers, documents, evidence, investigations and witness statements. The special report issued by “Popular Mechanics” analyzing the issue down to the smallest technical detail is only one of these sources, though they came to a different conclusion.

Seumas Milne, a Middle East expert, investigative writer and commentator writes in his explicit and extensive article in The Guardian about how MI6 and CIA provided military and logistical support to the terrorist groups in Syria; this is most certainly not fighting against terrorism. In his article, Milne talks about how terrorist organizations such as IS and al-Qaida gained territorial dominance and power in Iraq, Syria and finally in Libya by means of U.S. and British military operations. Ultimately, he explains how the “fight against terrorism” lie is used to cover a secret agenda for decades.

While in the past, only a single or a handful of big lies would be told in a century, today, a new lie is being uttered blatantly every day. Every lie results in a new disaster in a different part of the world and serves as a cover-up to a crime against humanity.

A special effort is no longer put into lies to make them more believable as it was in the past. Adhering to the doctrine “tell a lie big enough and people will believe in it” as preached by Goebbels, the notorious minister of propaganda of the Nazi Germany, suffices to anesthetize the masses who pursue no ideal except saving the day.

By means of Goebbels’ “big lie theory,” even the most overt public scandals are easily denied with a short official statement of a few sentences.

We wish that 2017 will be a year in which the entire world awakens to these lies and renders them invalid and ineffective by adopting a collective attitude.

We hope that we enter an era in which the fabricators of lies, responsible for the tragedies millions of people suffered and the devastation dozens of countries and civilizations faced, will be held accountable for their crimes before the bar of justice, and in which history will be steered not by lies, but by truthfulness, honesty and justice.


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