Uche Chuta For Governor: Speech Given at Unveiling of Manifesto in Aba, October 13 to the Press

It is my pleasure having you all present at the official unveiling of my manifesto for Abia State. It is based on a vision for our state to become the most desirable place to work, live and do business in the next few years if God allows me to be used to serve our great state as its duly elected governor.

In choosing our leaders in the 2015 elections, we must focus on the issues. We must focus on who can provide the specific solutions to solve our myriad of problems.  We must put aside mundane arguments of what age, what tribe, what church, what big post or “the anointed,” when analyzing which candidate we should support. Politics should be about service and we must work to support selfless individuals who are committed to serve the greater good of the people. It is my commitment to serve the good people of Abia State with the fear of GOD.

I  can assure you that there’s indeed a glorious future for us and our children if we all work hard for it. I seek to drive an inclusive system where we will work together to birth a state of dreams. It is doable and this vision must not die. Governance is about the people and that is what my manifesto entails – to drive a sense of ownership so that all sons and daughters of Abia can truly own the State.

The task at hand is not a daunting one and it gives me no reason to fear its possibility; as the wise Igbo saying “onye nwere madu ka onye nwere ego” continuously rings in my head. We must understand that over 70% of the voting population is made up of youth and it is the most vibrant constituency. Although the youth resource has been grossly underutilized to serve the good of the state and wrongly exploited to serve the militant interest of political elites, I am however poised to redirect this priceless asset and harness all this energy for good to change Abia.

While I call upon the great and vibrant youth of Abia to support me and my vision, it is not lost on me that Abia needs the wisdom of the old and the strength of the young to succeed. I will be counting on the wisdom and support of the elders to drive this project as contained in my manifesto. For the youth: it is indeed an abnormality that we wield enormous power, but remain at the back burner with regards governance. This is a major challenge across the country. We have the opportunity to change this and we will change it if all hands are on deck working together with unity of purpose.

Today, I make my humble self available to you the people of Abia State as your child “Our Child”, your pikin “Our Pikin”,  “nwa anyi”. I offer to work for you selflessly to the best of my ability through the grace of God who strengthens me. I am irrevocably committed to serve you; I will never take you for granted because I understand the pains and disappointments, ‘we presently live with’.

I pledge to abide by my manifesto and serve the good people of Abia State. It will be well with our generation and the generations to come. We will work together to build our State with a firm understanding that it is a collective responsibility.

In summary learn, my manifesto makes clear commitments to:

1: Making Aba the commercial tourism attraction of the country.

2: Setting up 30 satellite towns in Abia. Yes, 30.

3: Revamping our health sector, and improving our education sector for generational security.

4: Bringing up to standard decayed road infrastructure in the state.

5: Provision of value added chain in Agriculture.

6: Youth empowerment.

GOD Bless Abia State, God’s own state.

Click here to download manifesto: Uche _Chuta_Manifesto_for_Abia_State