Ukwa, My Home, by Ejikeme Alozie-Nwagboso

Various communities in Ukwa land have unique ideals and values, as well as a culture and life of their own. Unfortunately, today these communities are in trouble economically. Issues facing Ukwa communities are vast and numerous; more specifically, Ukwa land is dealing with a unique problem – Lack of leadership. Leadership, without argument, is the catalyst through which positive changes can occur in Ukwa land.

If economic and community development is to occur, it is the responsibility of our leaders to make it happen. For Ukwa to develop we need to emphasize on Leadership, Change, and Dedication.

Ukwa is one of the most important fabrics of Abia state.

Ukwa contributes so much to the Government of Abia state and that of Nigeria.

There is no reason why our leaders will be mute while our revered land gets abandoned. It begs to ask: Do we really have Leaders in Ukwa Land?  Do they even care about the progress of their land?

The entire infrastructure in Ukwa is in a state of abomination.

The moral decay as a result of neglect by our leaders is unspeakable.

I have spoken to many people from various communities in Ukwa land, and their answers are the same.

Ukwa is finished. I took so much time preaching that my own Land can never be finished. Not in my life time. If our leaders in government have not done anything these past years, please let them give way. They are failures. They all should be ashamed of themselves.

The Obehie-Azumini road is an eye sore. How can we have estimated N10b (2013) from 13% derivation and our roads can’t even be worthy of driving on?

Our youth are looking vulnerable and helpless? And, we have a Representative all these years at both Federal and State levels?

Do we ever ask them what our Constitutional development funds are used for?

They should be called to account for these allocations. We have to fix Ukwa again. We have to establish communication with Ukwa indigenes and provide the communities with direction – thereby providing the needed link between effective governance and development. We should have leaders who motivate community members to develop social capital, increase individual well-being, and sustain the community’s unique culture and a variety of other responsibilities.

This is the complex side of having leaders and the focus of this article. Effective leadership in Ukwa within the political field is necessary in order to assert successful community action, encourage social well-being, and improve Ukwa’s viability.

The Ukwa man needs openness to change. This will enable shared emotional connections, sense of belonging and fulfillment of needs. As we count down to the elections in 2015, I hope and pray that the Ukwa man will vote for their own progress. God bless Ala Ukwa.

Ejikeme Alozie-Nwagboso writes from Umuadienwe , Ukwa west LGA of Abia State. He is a candidate for Ukwa Federal House of Representatives, Abia State under UDP. He tweets via @enwagboso