UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon Joins #BringBackOurGirls ‘Opposition’ Via Skype Call

July 19, 2014



The United Nations Secretary general, Ban Ki-moon will be joining the Nigerian Bring Back Our Girls assembly via Skype call on July 22nd, to mark 100 sad days since the Boko haram abduction of Chibok school girls. The Jonathan government has accused the Bring Back Our Girls campaigners as being the ‘opposition,’ and called them all sorts of names. His government has hounded Nigerians who protest for the rescuing of over 200 girls abducted over 3 months ago, calling the protesters paid, crooks and all sorts of names and blaming them for all embarrassments his government faces.

It is left to see what the Jonathan government and their PR committee including LEVICK will say about Ban Ki Moon in solidarity and support of the Bring Back our Girls protest.