Unfrozen $6 Million: Why I Rejoice With Patience


Adapting from the words of late sage Fela Anikulapo Kuti in his mid-80s Confusion-Break-Bone (CBB) hit track, “shey na Patience alone dem go hold, what about the other treasury looters?

Is Buhari’s system, last come first serve?

Or are we to have no patience for Patience, while we are in no hurry for everyone else?

Perhaps Patience came first because our anti-corruption policy discriminates against women?

Somebody help me here. Why has Patience been so targeted when Atiku is dignified with statesmanship? Atiku who looted Nigeria silly. There is no question about this. Even Atiku can never openly deny that he emptied our treasury and took massive chunks of the pauper’s loaf.

Why is Patience the one serially hounded while Obasanjo and Babangida, brazen thieves who looted Nigeria silly and divided-up its assets and oil wells among their coterie of vampire friends, are respected by this government as important figures?

Why is Patience the scapegoat when ICPC and EFCC indicted el-Rufai walks freely and governs a state in spite of his record of looting and corrupt privatization of Nigeria’s cherished assets?

All these people, from poor parents, and poor beginnings. They never did a single private job in their lives and now command millions and billions after only working in public office and we look at them because they “are on the ruling side,” then we hunt down Patience because she is on the “other side.”

In the news, 90 million naira was stolen from Turai’s house. How does a person own and keep 90 million naira in their home? I have worked hard all my life and I am a very smart person and shrewd businessman for that mater, where do I want to see 90 million naira cash…extra money to be saving at home?

Where did Interior minister Dambazzau make his billions from, knowing fully well that his entire life was in public service as a soldier? Indicted in the Army probe and cleaned off by Buhari IN OUR FACES! Where did Buratai also indicted in the arms probe, get his millions to buy properties across Abuja, Dubai and other lands? From susu? Or rearing snakes. Give me a break.

Buhari has disappointed me. No lie. He has fallen my hand. He is not the man I hoped he would be. At his old age, he is not afraid of the grave. I believe in justice and equity above anything else. Where there is no justice and no equity there can never be peace and progress. If we will not freeze the money of the hundreds of looters in Panama Papers. The hundreds with open cases at the EFCC and ICPC, then we should leave Patience to enjoy her loot. If we cannot freeze the loot of the perpetrators of the Halliburton robbery, then LEAVE Patience oh! If we are not interested in Fashola who looted Lagos silly, with million dollar borehole and website scams among tons of inflated contracts the lawyer or is it liar chopped through his contractor friends, then wetin Patience do us?

People are still looting in our faces. Looting from IDPs and nothing is happening. 90 trucks of IDP food got missing. Nothing. Millions were looted in Babachir’s Grass cutting scam and other PINE scams under him, nada.

Old renowned looter Saraki is still openly leading his pack of 400 thieving assemblymen and governors too to loot us silly right in our faces in broad day light with their illegally inflated salaries and fake consultants dipping into the Paris club refund funds meant to save the masses. But it is Patience that we are supposed to be looking.

God punish anyone that targets Patience over any and all other looters of Nigeria’s treasury.

And while we are at it, one illegality does not justify another. Obey the court and free Dasuki.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Whoever wan loot, make he or she loot. Fake change government. Change my foot.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian