Unlike Cartoons And Insults, No Riots As Takfiri Almost Bombs Inside Prophet’s Mosque?

Northern riots when Buhari lost the elections in 2011 killed 800: Frequent deadly northern riots against minorities, Christians, Igbos etc.


Comments are flying around that unlike when a person allegedly draws cartons of the Prophet of Islam, with the actual suicide bomber attempting to enter to bomb inside the sacred Mosque of Islam’s Prophet, there has been no reaction from so-called good Muslims?

saudi mosque
Photo courtesy Mis wOw @digital_churail on twiter

This act with the bombing of the Mosque premises is by far more vile and blasphemous of Islam than mere cartoons and insults, but the streets in north Nigeria are quiet? There are no calls for he heads of Daesh or whoever else may be responsible? Are there no promises of Muslim youth in Pakistan and Nigeria preparing to wage a Jihad against those who blasphemed the prophet and insulted the name of Islam beyond limits?

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “None plots against the people of Medina but that he will be dissolved (i.e. destroyed) like salt is dissolved in water.” [al-Bukhari]

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever terrifies the people of Madina through oppression, God will terrify him. The curse of God, His angels, and all humans will be upon him. God will not accept his compulsory or optional good deeds on the Day of Judgment.” [al-Nasa’i, Sunan; Ahmad, Musnad]

But upon this, Muslims are placated and calm?

Does this mean the typical Muslims who protest and riot will not do so because of some kind of affiliation with Daesh or other typical Sunnite extremist terrorists, the usual culprits of suicide bombs?

This is a surprise which we will not call hypocrisy or robotic condition takfirism against Christians and different minority groups within Islam as promoted and sponsored by the Saudi Royals in their well sponsored wahhabisation campaign. What other explanation do we have for this hypocritical phenomenon? We ask for your comments….