Updates: 20 Things To Know About The Recovered $43 Million Ikoyi Stash


1. A Nigerian actually stashed $43.4m in mint-sealed $100,000 bundles, £27,000 and N23m cash in an apartment.

2. Nigeria’s cabal live together in $1 million a piece, most luxurious apartments in Nigeria.

3. The NIA staked claim to the stashed mint notes ‘loot’ found in a private Ikoyi apartment.

4. The whistleblowers told SaharaReporters that it is likely NIA DG Ayodele Oke’s wife that bought the million dollar apartment aka apartment ‘dash-dash,’ because it had no listed name, and stashed the money there.

5. Apparently entertainer Mo Abudu is wealthy enough to own one of the million dollar apartments in Osborne towers that she does not even live in, as her attorney’s letter indicated.

6. The discovered notes are brand new, mint and can be traced by the CBN in one day, but the Nigerian government is yet to announce such tracing.

7. The Godwin Emefiele-led CBN has denied releasing the funds directly to the NIA.

8. No bank can release the amount of funds without CBN knowledge.

9. PremiumTimes sources said the funds were released by the CBN under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi during the 2009-2013 tenure of former NIA director Olaniyi as funds for illegal covert operations in Lagos.

10. TheCable says the funds were released under the Godwin-led CBN in 2014 as funds for election manipulation.

11. President Buhari is yet to make any serious indication of initiation of a proper investigation of the recovered haul.

12. Buhari is yet to fire or even suspend the NIA DG who according to public updates, certainly did not inform the FGN on having such extra-budgetary stash in its possession for the past two years, if indeed this was operational funds.

13. The NIA role is external intelligence and not internal affairs.

14. Former president Goodluck Jonathan is yet to affirm or deny a role in the recovered loot.

15. Ownerships of several moneys recovered including Naira notes being flown at Kaduna airport are yet to be made public by the EFCC.

16. Nigeria’s BDC say they are exonerated: it’s the cabal who devalued the Naira by such humongous withdrawals and stashes from the CBN vaults.

17. The whistleblowers, some of whom are gatemen, are on the run for fear of their lives. SaharaReporters is encouraged to remain in touch with them to ensure they get paid.

18. The EFCC is investigating co-tenants in the million-dollar apartment luxury complex including a former governor, likely of Anambra. Whistleblowers say other apartments have stashes too.

19. Some pictures in circulation with some dusty notes and EFCC officials looking at a dug-up grave is fake. While there is some real talk about money having been found in a grave, this image is photoshopped as you can see the roughly cut superimposed EFCC agents.

20. Apparently Minister Rotimi Amaechi does not own the money and was too chicken to claim it. Me I claim it oh! Give me my money. (*This line is a joke, before humorless people start pouncing on me).

These looters have no fear of God. The looted stash could build a highest standard free, fully equipped public library in every state of the federation.

Add your updates, please keep this matter hot. Keep blowing!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian