US: George Zimmerman is Not Guilty of Killing Black, Unarmed Teen, Trayvon Martin

July 14, 2013

NewsRescue-The trial and case that kept the US and lots of the world captivated for over a year, has come to an end with a “not guilty,” verdict from the panel of 6 female jurists.

In a wonderful demonstration of how ‘excellent’ the US judicial system is, the panel of jurists returned the non guilty verdict after deliberations of over 17 hours, bringing to an end, an unfortunately Hollywood style entertaining case that distracted the US for ever.

There have been threats of riots, but how successful this would be with the US security services itching to test their new anti-riot gear, including robots, sound crowd dispersant’s and drones, to mention a few new methods, is left to be seen.

gabriellaThe Zimmerman case is easily summarized: Zimmerman saw a black teen who he believed was a crook—for being black, passing through his neighborhood. “Creepy” Zimmerman, stalked the teen. The teen was worried about this. Zimmerman called the cops to report stalking the “suspect.” “Suspect” can be interchanged with the word, “black.” The police clearly warned Zimmerman to stand back. Zimmerman disobeyed the police’s instructions and continued, fought and killed Trayvon Martins. The case was hidden from the public, Trayvon’s murder was not even reported to his parents for days after he was murdered, despite his full identity being known by the police. Time was used to prepare a case for Zimmerman, possibly including getting pictures of him being all beat-up. Zimmerman was not even arrested for months after, till the black community rallied enough attention to the case. The Florida police officer, Police Chief Bill Lee, in charge of the arrest was then fired. He recently said he refused to “arrest Zimmerman to appease fellow officers.” Next came the legal case. Zimmerman, son of a Jewish judge, walked with smiles. He actually had started smiling days before the case was over, like he knew something we didn’t, perhaps from a Jurist. It has been proposed that US has code-jurists put in cases of this caliber who ensure the governments decision is made or the Jury is “hung.”

Zimmerman terrorism left to victims and a jury of 6 ladies; that’s like Boston bombers’ case being fought in court by the victims and left to a public jury

This was not a case for the family of Trayvon, this should have been a simple police prosecution for disobeying police instructions and the resulting murder-related terrorism. NewsRescue verdict- Zimmerman “not guilty.” US enforcement and judicial system, very guilty.

For one thing, it is good the distraction is over. The truth is Trayvon is dead. Yup, dead. In the words of Constance Malcolm, mother of Ramarley Graham, you took our son,  What more can you do to me?