US sells $30bn in F-15 jets to Saudi Arabia; US economy boost

Obama bows to Saudi leader {USNews}

December 29th, 2011

NewsRescue- As the US and Saudi governments ink the finalization of a deal to sell 30 Billion dollars worth of F-15 jets to the Sauds, it is obvious that the United States President, Barrack Hussein Obama certainly did not ‘bow in vain’ to the Saudi Royals on his first international meeting with these rich-as-ell, mean leaders. This agreement approved by congress in 2010 is part of a 10-15 year deal to supply 60 billion dollars worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has a long term history of utilizing state funds to save US industry and Boeing from collapse and Bankruptcy. The United States White house trumped that this deal will provide 50,000 jobs to United sates unemployed.

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It is oft wondered why the US bows uncontrollably to the wishes and whims of the Saudi royals, and why the US turns a blind eye on their Middle East chief ally when it perpetrates the gravest of crimes and suppresses freedoms to the highest levels. The deal struck today clearly answers half of this question. The other half is answered below:

The Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, helpfully hinted at an answer (to why US bows without limit to the Sauds) in a statement boasting of his success cultivating powerful Americans. “If the reputation then builds that the Saudis take care of friends when they leave office”, Bandar once observed, “you’d be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office. {We think of Obama bowing}” This effective admission of bribery goes far to explain why the usual laws, regulations and rights do not apply when Saudi Arabia is involved.

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The Saudis routinely set the terms of this bilateral relationship. For decades, U.S. government agencies have engaged in a consistent pattern of deference to Saudi wishes, making so many unwonted and unnecessary concessions that one gets the impression that a switch has taken place, with both sides forgetting which of them is the great power and which the minor one.

The heart of the problem is an all-too-human one, then: Americans in positions of authority bend the rules and break with standard policy out of personal greed. {source}