Video Emerges Showing Nnamdi Kanu Preaching “One Nigeria” While Jonathan Was In Power


This video from 2012 shows pro-Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu preaching for one Nigeria and in defense of inhabitants of the north who were victims of Boko Haram while Goodluck Jonathan was in power.

The reason why we are here today is to protest the killing of innocent women and children all over Nigeria especially in the northern part…we are not happy. We are not pleased with what is happening; that is why we are here today.

As you can see there are a lot of Nigerians who are protesting about the killing of families…people who are determined to tear the country apart violently and it is not something that we support and not something we can allow to see continue.

And we are here today to send a clear message to the Nigerian government through the high commissioner that what is happening in the country is not acceptable and we cannot accept it. If this continues it will led to the violent disintegration of the country. There will be no more Nigeria for anyone to go to. There will be no more Nigeria for anyone to refer to.

In fact what is happening in Somalia today will be like a tea party. So we cannot allow this nonsense to continue. Something has to be done. And the consequence of the actions of terrorists in Nigeria must be driven home to the people. So that even the terrorists themselves will be able to understand that there is no mileage in where they are going. The only thing they can accomplish is the break-up of Nigeria. If they think they can cower people, if they think they can force people into a religion that is not theirs then they are very mistaken. We are asking for peace, we are asking for people to get together; we are asking for everybody who loves Nigeria …situation in that country to please prevail upon  …. people in Nigeria so it can end. That is why a multitude of Nigerians are gathered here today. Those of us in the UK are determined to work with the government for peace. We are determined to work with the international community for peace.

One thing we cannot allow to happen is a repeat of 1966. What is happening in Nigeria today was the reason why Nigeria fought a bitter civil war for three years between 1967 and 1970. If this continues there will be another civil war in Nigeria and this time around no place will be safe in Nigeria. This time around No body will be safe in Nigeria. So it is imperative that everybody that has the interest of the country at heart acts now and immediately to stop this nonsense from continuing.

Another audio from a NewsRescue contributor had a debate with Kanu in which he was challenged for supporting Jonathan’s candidacy and not seeking secession.