Video: Human Rights Boss Slams Buhari For Keeping Quiet After Zaria Massacre

Chidi Odinkalu
  • Asks for independent investigation


Muhammadu_BuhariHuman Rights Commission leader of Nigeria, Chidi Odinkalu has severely slammed the President and commander in chief of Nigeria for not commenting on the Zaria massacre.

The agency boss said that the president is voted for by Nigerian citizens and every Nigerian killed is a voter or the family of a voter.

“When Nigerians are killed in encounters with security services, every Nigerian politicians and citizen should be worried.”

He said the body language of Buhari is troubling. He continued that the Nigerians need to be reaffirmed by the president that Nigerian lives are important: by having an independent investigation.

He said, how can there be an independent investigation when the witnesses on the civilian side who can testify are being held in security department custody.

He said in a democracy, there should be freedom of expression and access to justice.

He remarked that the president of Nigeria issued a statement condemning the terror crises in France when 129 were killed. He asked why Nigerian cannot get similar from Buhari in this incident.