VIDEO: “I Will Never Withdraw From OPEC” Buhari Responds To Aljazeera

Buhari bows for King Salman


Partiality Of OPEC For Agenda Of Saudi Arabia

Aljazeera questioned Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari on the nation’s acceptance of OPEC discriminatory policies which while favorable for Saudi Arabia with low oil production costs and for its geopolitical reasons, was crippling Nigeria. Saudi Arabia has maintained the over-flood of oil and crashed prices as its measures in fighting Russia and Iran which it is trying to cripple for their roles in frustrating its anti-Assad agenda.

Nigeria’s president refused to understand the questions and finally responded that “not while I am in power.” Saying he will never withdraw from OPEC.

NewsRescue analysts suggested Buhari should react strongly to the Saudi leadership causing the nation economic woes and even threaten quitting OPEC.

 Budget Corruption

In the interview, Buhari also struggled with embarrassing questions on corruption in his budget. Defending himself that it must have been the staff he inherited from the Jonathan and earlier years.

No Biafra

The president also spoke about Biafra, declaring that he will crush anyone who tried to push that idea.

Aljazeera attempted to show Nigeria’s president a video in which unarmed peaceful pro-Biafra protesters ere seen fired upon by the nation’s security men. At least 7 were killed in the incident.

Suspicious Saudi-Led Coalition of Islamic States Against Terror

On the suspicious Saudi-led so-called Islamic coalition against terror, for the first time Buhari answered that he had said, “yes” to king Salman Saud and agreed that Nigeria will be part of the suspicious Saudi-led coalition.