VIDEO: People Ask What Borno Gov Is Doing As Cows Used To Fetch Water From Wells

Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima


The video displaying unimaginable hardship that pervades Borno state was taken at Auno, less than 25 km from Maiduguri, capital of Borno state.

Since the insurgency started, Borno state has received billions of naira in security votes.

In 2014 alone Borno state was budgeted to spend N9.6 billion on security. How and where this money is spent is yet to be seen as poverty and hardship and insecurity plagued Borno for all of the past years. IDP camps are terrible. The citizens were never armed and defended until the recent 6-week election war  was finally declared by president Jonathan in hopes of overturning his impending election defeat.

Borno state governor Kashim Shettima recently claimed he had spent N10 billion on security–purchase of armored personnel carriers and the like. It will be nice to see an inventory of this equipment and to know when and where they were deployed.

Meanwhile concerned citizens sent us this video of Auno village, where people used cows to fetch water from drying-up deep wells.