Shocking Video Purports To Show Millions of Dollars From Buhari For Boko Haram Terrorists In Red Cross Boxes

A shocking new video from February 14th shows millions of dollars in special boxes with the International Red Cross label on them. The International Committee of the Red Cross is a “humanitarian institution” based in Geneva, Switzerland. It has on several occasions been accused of helping fund terrorism.

The video shows tens of millions and what could total a billon dollars in several of the Red Cross branded boxes. President Muhammadu Buhari was accused of paying Boko Haram another 5 million Euros to release some teachers recently. This would be a latest in a series of payments the Buhari government has been exposed to have made to Boko Haram terrorists in negotiations for the release of abductees with the International Red Cross in supervision.

The French rooted Red Cross has always denied it is directly involved in the payments and other aspects of the negotiations, claiming it only participates in prisoner and abductee transfers but many have always suspected a different role of this body and the latest video provides what may be damning evidence of a role of this international body in global terror.