VIDEO: See The Beautiful Gift Nigerian Air Force Gave Boko Haram On Sallah Day

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is claiming another success in the fight against Boko Haram who have continued to terrorize North-Eastern Nigeria. In an air campaign against the Boko Haram, a NAF fighter aircraft struck their location in northern Borno according to Ayodele Famuyiwa, the Director of Public Relations and Information for the NAF.

The location lies between Tumbum Rego and Malkonory and is about 25km from Kangarwa where the NAF forces are currently stationed. The location, as can be seen from the footage below, harbors makeshift structures belonging to Boko Haram and about 4-6 clusters of solar panels which are used by the terrorists to power communications equipment and for lighting.

According to Mr. Famuyiwa, this latest strike is part of the air operations conducted by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in support of the efforts by NAF and the Multinational Joint Task Force to rid the northern part of Borno of the remaining Boko Haram in an operation codenamed “OPERATION GAMA AIKI”.

The location, prior to the strike yesterday, had been under surveillance for some time but was reported active by a NAF Beechcraft aircraft on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission. Thereafter, the fighter jets were prepared for the air strike.

This latest airstrike marks the most recent action taken by the Nigerian military in the northeast against Boko Haram terrorists. It will be recalled that, earlier this week, the US embassy in Nigeria issued a statement that terrorists may plan to target Lagos during Ramadan celebrations.