VIDEO: Suicidal Radio Biafrans Dare Police Guns Till Dispersed With Air Shots And Tear Gas


Suicidal Radio Biafran protesters numbering about 1000 dared police in a video online. They walked to the police front line and jumped and dared the police. The police fired several shots in the air to push the protesters back, but the protesters with apparent death wishes rather moved forward, forcing the police line to move back.

The police continued to fire repeated shots in the air, but the Radio Biafrans were ready to defy authority and die.

All the while the guys recording were commenting in awe, saying “wetin these ones chop,” i.e. Why are they so ready to face certain death. Also saying, “dem no get sense.”

Finally the police shot tear gas into the protesters midst which finally got them running back. There was no sign of a fallen protester till the end of the 2.3 minute clip.

Protests had gotten violent Tuesday with properties vandalized by the protesters and several beaten in a Hausa-Fulani community in Rivers state. The nation has been urged not to react to the Radio Biafran provocation with retaliatory acts of crime.

Watch [Please ignore the obscure caption by Radio Biafra who are anxious to have their suicidal members sacrificed at Nnamdi Kanu’s altar]